Inter-institutional media challenge is an annual media challenge for Universities/Institutes offering Journalism and Mass Communication as a major course in Uganda. The premise of IMC is to create a platform for aspiring journalists to exhibit their skills and talents but above all to expose them.

Love is the Law Magazine

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Love is the Law Magazine is more than just a beautifully created publication, it is part of a movement begun in 2004 with the inception of a little known but highly impactful international young activists network called HEYA (Helping Empower Youth Activism). LITL is the creative, mainstream arm

Innovo Engenharia

for profit

Grupo de Pesquisa Independente que visa a produção tecnológica e literária, a propagação de uma cultura científica e a conexão das ciências exatas com demais áreas de conhecimento.


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Northern part of Kenya is the most marginalized area in Kenya in terms of infrastructure which made it easy for mainstream media to ignore it. This created avenue for corruption by public officers who lacked any institution to oversee their activities which give birth to The Mandera Times.


for profit

No ar desde março de 2013, Recontando - um site pioneiro e inédito - aproxima as principais informações do mundo ao universo infantojuvenil, através de uma linguagem própria, bem contextualizada e do uso da animação.


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Capture- Traces of war, aims to educate Romanian teenagers about the First WW and Second WW and then reach deeper into modern day conflicts. It will be using pictures to inspire stories and finally create a book that tells the history of world events from their perspectives.