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BRIDGE Foundation: IT for Differently Able

Dhaka, BangladeshDhaka, Bangladesh
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$10,000 - $50,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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This project aims to reach the differently able who are the under privileged as well as who are mostly the drop outs, a critically underserved population in Bangladesh, to improve their IT knowledge

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What IF We could be able towards ability without limits?
About Project

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The goal of the project is engage young activists and technology geek in reaching out to marginal and under privileged with special needs being drop outs and to give those the opportunity to begin building their capacity. We strongly believe technical knowledge development can be at least a partial introduction to the workforce for the marginalized people being under privileged, and can provide enrichment with otherwise limited mobility i

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We want to see more underprivileged to become self-reliant and also work in the mainstream campaign and advocacy network. The IT based Technology will help them to develop skills. We intend to continue providing assistance to run these so that the marginalized group can be informed about the benefits of IT and technology based education. This will boost their confidence


Alumni Innovation Engagement Fund 2013
Impact: How does it Work

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After returning to Bangladesh, I was looking for opportunities to make an impact on the lives of these challenged people and came up with a plan to empower them with IT (Information Technology) skills. The year 2013 was the time when I initiated ‘Project IT for Differently Able’ with a grant from the US Department of State and turned my dream into reality. The project aims to pass on technological education and skills to people with disabilities. I believe technology will give them a voice, help them connect with the world and become independent. Falguny is one of the physically challenged participants from the southern part of Bangladesh, who has developed fast computer operating skills without having her two wrists.

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Ryad, a student suffering from deafness attaints all objectives when given a task and is very responsive. Saydeur’s and Ratul ‘s determination has never made them late for classes though he travels from outside Dhaka every single day. Rajon is another great example of courage who attends classes with the support of his crutches. These people are the source of my strength and inspiration now. I strongly believe – ‘If you have the idea and vision to change the world, yes! You can.’ As the society is reserved and safety at the working place for women is one of the crucial agendas and our team was particularly concerned about that if we want to engage female in IT sector where they can work very easily being at home that can be one of the factors to motivate the parents as it will take time to engage them outwards and risk would be there not only being a woman but also as disable

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Me along with my team used to have discussions after each and every classes along with the faculties and guardian regarding need assessment and how can we be more inclusive in terms of providing more access to information on the basis of need assessment as we selected two common course components .To empower the disable (Which we literally use) but in this era we do consider them differently able by following the inclusive policy for promoting the sign language users who are mostly known as deaf and the most vulnerable one and the people who are physically disable as through the project

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Mainstream has been done, has been doing and will be doing but what about excluded, scheduled and out stream people, if we don’t listen to voice of silence, to make the immovable a movable one through IT, technology and information which can lessen the gap of “Digital Divide’ and can ensure “Differently Able in Development “with a positive notion of CSR based funding

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Creative IT Through Graphics based training and later engage them in outsourcing professionally

Founding Story

At the age of twenty, I watcheIn 2005, I started serving as a volunteer and worked closely with this vulnerable and excluded group of people; as I found out that our society is not flexible and supportive towards this marginalized community. It also made me understand that achieving sustainable development won’t become a reality without the social inclusion and empowerment people living with disabilities. So, I searched for ways to help these people Our team and BRIDGE foundation is proud to be with those who are associated with our initiative being special in terms of endeavor from the mainstream a long and lonely journey to go before we reach towards the goal along with individual efforts


4 Volunteers- Part time 4 Trainers 1 Interpreter for Deaf Participant