Community Publications helping visibility of small business.

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Community Publications helping visibility of small business.

Pretoria, South Africa
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for profit
Project Stage:
$50,000 - $100,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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I believe that my project has potential to change the mindset of a rural small businesses especially young entrepreneurs who are fully of big dreams of entering the business world.

These young unsupported businesses have potential to turn around the economy and social disadvantages within their communities.

All they are seeking is an affordable platform to express the vision they are carrying inside. Most commercial publications operating within these communities are seeking after monetary gains but not necessarily up to the challenge of assisting small businesses operating from these communities, hence they are too costly to advertise within their publications.

My vision is to pioneer a project that will uplift many communities to uplift their communities through local resources without having to reach out outside of their communities.

Most challenges faced by many small businesses operating from these communities, the solutions are also found within the same communities, all they need is for someone to initiate a platform for change within these communities, hence my publication will be the solution to such communities, especially from marketing and advertising these businesses to social awareness and poverty alleviation and employment creation.

I believe that someone within a community has much to give in as much as someone within the community has nothing, hence through my publication that bridge has been built for everyone to cross over to success.

About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

Many small to medium businesses especially those operating from townships and rural areas have potential to reduce unemployment and poverty reduction in their communities if they are supported in marketing and advertising their businesses within the communities they are serving. Unfortunately most the local commercial media i.e publications, radio e.t.c are too costly for them hence most of them they end up closing down without reaching their potentials due to lack of publicity such marketing and advertising of their services and products.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

My solution is that I have started a regional community publication that only focuses on advertising the services and products of small to medium businesses operating from the same communities so as to give them the platform to advertise they businesses to their local market. Secondly prices for advertising in the publication is very much affordable to meet the small budgets of these small businesses. Thirdly the publication is distributed directly to households within the communities served by these business free of charge once every month. These small businesses are also given the platform to interact with potential clients as well as their customers based on the services or products they are rendering or selling.
Impact: How does it Work

Example: Walk us through a specific example(s) of how this solution makes a difference; include its primary activities.

My publication makes a difference in the following ways: 1. Once the small businesses are given the platform to advertise their services, the quality of delivery is automatically improved since there is an awareness that they are not the only ones providing the same service within that community. 2. Their is potential for growth of their businesses because now the community will be informed of the services or products being sold within their community, and instead of the community travelling to far areas to access the same products or services, now they will get them without having to travel far. 3. Poverty reduction through employment as these businesses start to grow they will in turn employ people from the communities they are serving. 4. Fairness of trade as businesses with not just inflate prices unnecessarily because of visibility of competitors within the same communities served. 5. The more these businesses advertise their services the more they develop a sense of community responsibility that will lead to some of them working or supporting community based social organisations that are helping to meeting the needs of the disadvantaged.

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

Within the community I am serving, there 13 community based publications namely The Rekord, Laudium Sun, Tshwane Sun, Lenasia Sun and The Eastern Times. These newspapers focuses mainly in covering community news even though they also publicize business advertisements but they are mostly from corporate companies. Even though their publications are distributed free of charge, most of them are not distributed directly into households but at selected retail outlets and shopping malls. Furthermore these publications are not targeting the special needs of the local small to medium businesses especially in the area of marketing and advertising. The greatest challenges that these publications pose for the success of my publications are as follows: 1. Once they realize that there is a new publication targeting small businesses within their coverage, they can reduce price of advertising as they do not spent much on printing and distribution costs since they are well equipped and resourced in terms of printing their publications as well as distribution. 2. It is also very easy for them to advertise their services to the local businesses since they are already exposed in those communities and can mobilize local businesses through incentives and social grants within the communities they are serving. 3. They can also create a publication to encounter mine since at this present moment my finances are so much limited in terms of marketing my services.