Extraction of banana fibre.

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Extraction of banana fibre.: Extraction of banana fibre for rural economic empowerment

kumasi, GhanaAgogo, Ghana
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$1,000 - $10,000
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The use of natural fibres is on the ascendency. This is as a result of their exceptional properties like biodegradability, light weight, strenght among others. Fibres of good quality can be obtained from the pseudostem of banana plants.

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What if a beautiful dress was made from the waste of a banana plant.
About Project

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Plantation sites of banana and plantain plants are amassing a lot of filth as a result of waste from plants that have already been harvested. This is because the banana plant can fruit just once, after which it must be cut down to make room for another plant to fruit. In a nutshell, a very promising raw material is not utlised in Ghana but left to rot away on farms.

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Design and construct a decortication machine to extract fibre from the pseudostems of plantain and banana. This fibre can be used to make a lot of products - as a reinforcement for fabricating composite materials, can be spun into textiles, pulping for paper production, bags, doormats, ropes, amomg others.


Approved as a final year undergraduate project.
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planatains and banana is usually cultivated in the rural areas in Ghana. The plant is cut down to rot after it friuts, which is once. A machine can be made to extract fiber from this plant to make useful products.

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The project is at the preliminary stages of designing a machine which will be fabricated locally and will be used to extract fibre from the pseudostems of banana and plantain farms.

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The success of this project is expected to empower the rural folk by offering unlimited opportunities for employment .Jobs that would be created will include stem cultivation, decorticator design and fabrication, fibre extraction, weaving of fibre strands into useful products and marketing and sale of these products.

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The project will be self-sustained since the products made are common household products that can be sold out easily and the revenue ploughed back.

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1. Sustainable Health Enterprises (SHE) is a nonprofit organization manufacturing and distribution affordable, quality and eco-friendly sanitary pads made from banana fibre. 2. In Japan, banana fiber is being used to make traditional dresses like kimono. What this project targets is the rural areas where the banana and plantains are cultivated to empower them to convert the waste from these plants into useful products. Income generation will increase since farmers will not only benefit from the fruits but also the pseudostem.

Founding Story

I was harvesting okro from the backyard garden one day when i realised that the plantain stem that was cut down some weeks ago was going bad but had some strands that looked like fibre. I then started reading on banana fibre and saw it was a promising raw material but not used in Ghana.


1. Rita Namoe Tabi - Final year Undergraduate Materials Engineering Student 2. Latifa Osman - Final year Undergraduate Materials Engineering Student 3. Bright Aryee - Final year Undergraduate Materials Engineering Student 4. Stable Corps - Industrials Design Patners 5. Prof. F.W.Y. Momade - Project supervisor