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Buea, CameroonBuea, Cameroon
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for profit
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< $1,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

Concise Summary: Help us pitch this solution! Provide an explanation within 3-4 short sentences.

Jade care hand sanitizer is an antibacterian gel produced by a group of four youg engineering students,
To fight against the wide spread of dirty hands illenesses in the Buea Community. Called Jade Care Hand sanitizer, it contains essential properties of Aloe Vera plants and lemon fruit.

WHAT IF - Inspiration: Write one sentence that describes a way that your project dares to ask, "WHAT IF?"

what if people of my community could stop going to hospital because of dirty hands illnesses just by using Jade Care hand sanitizer gel?
About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

Jade Care Hand sanitizer gel is produced in response to the number of people suffering from dirty hands illnesses. Most especially, to the lack of good water supply in many remote areas of my community. 85% of these people living in remote areas, don't clean their hands properly before eating. Leading to Dirrhea, rhino virus spread and many others of the kind.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

The solution to this wide spread of dirty hands illnesses, is to educate the community on the importance of Hand sanitizer through campains . In addition to that, it is nessary to make available Jade Care through the installation of automatic hand sanitizer dispensers in strategic places such as academic institutions, Hospitals, Restaurants,Hotels, University and private appartments, public and private offices, Transport agencies. All these actions will be followed-up regularly to ensure the implimentation of this revolutionnary method in my community. Data collected based on our community will enable us to implement the same method to other areas suffering from similar problems.


Impact: How does it Work

Example: Walk us through a specific example(s) of how this solution makes a difference; include its primary activities.

It is always said that prevention is better than cure, but in Africa particulary in Cameroon this concept is not always applied. That is why, in 2011,10759 cases 657 deaths due cholera were recorded in 6 regions of cameroon among which my commutiy is counted. Therefor regarding this repetitive series of cholera epidemy and other dirty hands illnesses we decided to put in place the production of affordable and effective hand sanitizer gel in to reduce the spread of this epidemy and similar problems. Our first target as sophomore engineering students was our university with approximately 2000 students and the second was the biggest university in my community. We are still at the growing stage but we keep up impacting people lifes .

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date? Also describe the projected future impact for the coming years.

So far, we have impacted our community, thrpugh the installation of 7 Jade Care hand sanitizer dispenser in the Catholic University Institute of Buea and 15 automatic dispensers in the University of Buea. Since the creation of our business Idea, we have put in place means to distribute at affordable prices Jade Care Hand Sanitizers through Trade Fairs organize by both our community and the Catholic University Institute of Buea. As perspective, we intend to install our automatic handsanitizer dispensers in all local hotels, hospitals, restaurants, secondary schools, university and private appartments,offices, and transport agencies. Finally, after imposing our self in our community effectively, we will look foward in impacting in the same way the key areas where dirty hands illnesses is a constant thread.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

As spread strategies,we already establish a good partnership with Global Fast Service. Which will make sure Jade Care is known and consummed. This will be done through the use of sicial media, TV Radio, Business fairs, Propective agents, and organized conferences and interviews. In the same way, a one month promotion event is scheduled to impact all university students of our community: The theme will be ''one student one Jade Care Hand Sanitizer''. This promotion will be used as means to well educate our community on the risk of not using our antibacteria gel.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

Our strategy to ensure the financial sustainability of our product we intend to to produce liquid soap call Jade Care Soap. This liquid soap will supplement the already existing Jade Care Hand Sanitizer. Moreover, we intend to build a platform whereby 20% of shares will be put at the disposal of shareholders.

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

In my community, we have purell and Detol hand sanitizers who in their own way, offer the same category of products. Their products address the same problem. But the particularity about our product and our services is that we have developped an affordable and unique hand sanitizer which is put at the reach of all the people of my community. Irrespective of their social background. In addition to that we educate our people face to face on the need and necessity to use hand sanitizer. Above all jade care hand sanitizer is a genuine combination of Aloe Vera and Lemon fruit essential properties.

Founding Story

As students of the Catholic University institute of buea, we were called to formed entrepreneurial base groups whereby, we will address a major problem faced by our community. That is excatly how Jade Group began its story. In 2012, in our sophomore year of the school of engineering, we were 4 members of the entrepreneurial group, that we called Emmerging Jade Innovative Group (EJIG) our main goal was to innovate that is how we innitially developped a fuel from vegetable oil. later on in 2014 we decided to change the name to Jade group with main product Jade Care hand sanitizers. Jade was then constitued of 4 co-founders among which, 2 chemical engineers and to Mechanical engineers.


Our team is presented as follow. A Financial Manager A Marketing and Sales Manager An Operation Manager A research and development Manager.