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Ikram Hirse's New Entry: Tech Innovation: Who is protecting Somalia's Economy and Fishermen?

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What if Somalia finally gains independence?
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Aim: To protect Fishermen’s lives ( Providing a early warning system giving them opportunity to get out of the way before they come into any harm) and prosecute illegal activity.

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To place an undersea sensor that transmits data to a handheld device to inform local fishermen of unknown ships/boats on their premises or along the coast of Somalia. For the updates to occur, every boat in Somalia needs to have a tracker installed on their boats. Once the tracker is installed the sensor will be associated with the tracker, therefore distinguishing any other movements besides those connected. Finally, all the data will be feeding into one central machine this will enable us to collate data for several purposes (to see impact, conduct assessment or legal).
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The early warning system which local fisherman can use once the system detects unknown individuals i.e illegal activities, then the Somali fishermen at least have an opportunity to get out of the way before they come into any harm. Once the project is demonstrates success we will be able to sell the system and to other countries and generate profit to aid other charities or business in Somalia.