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Singapore, SingaporeSingapore, SingaporeSingapore, Singapore
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for profit
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$10,000 - $50,000
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Organizational Growth
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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As an enabler in the ecosystem of design for social good, we aim to deepen our social impact by curating events, conducting educational programmes, community activities, and connecting public, private, and people stakeholders through design.

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All social enterprises and NGOs have great marketing collaterals and targeted marketing campaigns that are affordable and easy to implement
About Project

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We Make The Change with 3 programs: Creative Services for NGOs and Social Enterprises MTC Community Development MTC CSR Engagement

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Creative Services for NGOs and Social Enterprises MTC provides design and creative services for NGOs and social enterprises with the help of our volunteers. In the last 2 years, with one full-time staff and many volunteers, we have rendered design and community development services to 34 organizations from NGOs, Social Enterprises, Change Makers and Corporations. These projects were made possible with 128 skilled volunteers and 140 young professionals. Based on the design services we have rendered to these organizations, on average, we achieved savings of SGD$60,000.00 from our pro-bono design rates.


Social Entrepreneurship President Challenge 2015, Start Up Category Commendation Award
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MTC Community Development Through education and mentorship, Make The Change (MTC) engages the creative community to volunteer their time and expertise in social projects and help social enterprises and NGOs achieve their social missions. Our programs empower students from low-income communities through education; learning skills in marketing, advertising, and design.
Funding: How is your project financially supported?: 
grants or contracts - 20%
earned income (product or services sales, licensing, franchising, consulting, financing, etc.) - 80%

Founding Story

Make The Change (MTC) is an initiative by Chatsworth [email protected] Academy (CMA). It evolved from a student’s CSR engagement idea to a vision of becoming the central marketplace of creative services and creative capabilities with the aim of nurturing and cultivating an ecosystem of volunteerism and “design for good” culture among the creative communities. As a social enterprise, MTC addresses the need for quality yet affordable marketing and creative services for social sector organizations by engaging industry professionals, junior creatives and advertising design students as volunteers or at subsidised rates. This engagement model has been effective in solving the time and talent shortage issues in creative skills for social sector.


Pedro Aguirre Michelle Lim