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WeDOG: Cultivating a Culture of Connection, Compassion and Empathy

United States
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$1,000 - $10,000
Project Summary
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WeDOG supports human-dog interaction in all possible aspects and potentials. We believe the more humans and dogs live together, the more we move towards a culture of connection, empathy and compassion.

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What if the human-dog relationship resulted in enhanced wellbeing for humans and dogs around the world?
About Project

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Worldwide, in Western as in Eastern societies, in metropolitan as in suburban and rural areas, we can observe an unsustainable trend of separation of humans from humans and of humans from other animals. Despite the increasing phenomena such as social media and internet, human sociability is today threatened. This is generating disconnection, isolation and dis-ease, and is adversely affecting our individual and collective wellbeing.

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Humans and dogs have co-evolved as species for thousands of years. Yet, we can improve the quality of our interactions with non-human animals in general, and with dogs in particular, as an opportunity for humans to reconnect to a deeper part of our being in this world, within ourselves and with other humans or species. Education, training, community activities and compassionate conservation are essential gates to promoting a culture of empathy. In this regard, dogs are our assistants, mentors, teachers, guides. Dogs, in fact, are extremely social and moral animals. With their help, we can learn to restore our own sociability and with it, essential values such as justice, honesty, respect, trust, kindness, acceptance, and fairness.
Impact: How does it Work

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WeDOG is currently developing programs, cultivating connections and relationships, building possibilities and creating a network of people and associations so that in 2016 we can begin to launch our projects and fulfill the WeDOG mission.

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WeDOG is developing partnerships with worldwide organizations, including Care for Dogs (Thailand), Worldwide Veterinary Service (UK), and Los Amigos de los Animales (Mexico).

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WeDOG© seeks to provide a new and essential perspective on the relationship between humans and dogs. While contributing to the welfare of individuals, WeDOG© facilitates understanding, compassion, and cooperation between social groups, nations, ethnicities and species. WeDOG© aims to positively impact the global community and ultimately support the wellbeing of all.