Building Demand for a Culture of #ChildrensWellbeing. Join our Twitter Chat - Monday, October 24th at 11amPDT/2pmEDT

Building Demand for a Culture of #ChildrensWellbeing. Join our Twitter Chat - Monday, October 24th at 11amPDT/2pmEDT

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Are you working to build demand for a culture of #ChildrensWellbeing? Join @Changemakers for a live Twitter Chat with the network of Pioneers!

Together we’ll envision how to accelerate demand of a new paradigm; one where every child is able to cultivate a sense of self, purpose, and belonging. This Twitter Chat will explore public messaging and funding--two levers our Pioneers identified as essential component of building stronger demand for a culture of wellbeing.

How do we use communications to get a message about children’s wellbeing into the public consciousness? How do we build leadership capacity for this? And what are current funding barriers we’re facing as a movement? How can funders--philanthropic, corporate, individual donors, governments--best support our work?

Join us on Monday to share your perspective, ask questions, and shape the future of the Children’s Wellbeing Initiative.

Day/Time: Monday, October 24th -- 11amPDT // 2pmEDT

Hashtag: #ChildrensWellbeing

Moderator: @changemakers

Theme: Building demand for a culture of children’s wellbeing.

Feeling especially energized? We’re looking for a few key Pioneers to anchor the conversation as lead facilitators. You’ll get a special shout out (and @ mention) from us at the start of the conversation. Just email Rachel Fauber at [email protected] to help out!

How does a live ‘Twitter chat’ work? 

A Twitter chat is a real-time discussion focused on a specific theme. It is designed to bring together various stakeholders (from social entrepreneurs and innovators, to business and media) to share ideas, discuss best practices, identify the latest innovations, and pinpoint areas requiring more exploration. It is also a great way to connect with colleagues and supporters around the globe. Ashoka will be facilitating discussions in realtime, and will be a great platform for Pioneers and other participations in the #ChildrensWellbeing Initiative to contribute to the future of the movement.

How can I participate?

  1. Follow @changemakers for tweets and updates related to the chat.
  2. During the chat use or an application like Tweetdeck or TweetChat to follow the #ChildrensWellbeing hashtag and keep up with the conversation.
  3. Enter the discussion anytime by tagging your tweets with #ChildrensWellbeing . Using the hashtag ensures that everyone following the chat will see your tweets.

What are the rules?

  1. Log-in to your Twitter account a few minutes before the TwitterChat begins.
  2. Introduce yourself in one tweet when you join the chat and take a minute to get to know the other chatters!
  3. @changemakers will tweet 5-6 questions, labeled “Q1, Q2, etc.” in addition to specific questions for panelists.
  4. Preface your answers with “A1, A2, etc.” according to which question you are answering
  5. Message/Mention @changemakers if you’d like to submit a question for either a panelist or the group. Don't forget to include the hashtag #ChildrensWellbeing!
  6. Be respectful and don't forget to have fun. Collaboration through innovation is the name of the game – come join the conversation!