Alternative Mobility Parade, Cape Town, South Africa

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Alternative Mobility Parade, Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa
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This idea is bound to be a succes with the general public because it is gimcky and entertaining, as well as educational.

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I have noticed an urgent need for behaviorial change in my city, Cape Town, especially amonst the youth, to play an active part in their community in regards to anything from the environment to politics. There is too much dromancy and not enough activism! I believe people think that if they get involved in serious issues it will become heavy and boring and difficult. On the contrary, through my Alternative Mobility Parade I want to show people it can be fun, as well as truly exciting to be initiating posotive solution for change! Ultimately I want other youth to recognise the 'cool' in 'caring'.

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The concept me and Andrew (of the NGO have for this Alternative Mobility Parade is as follows: We definitely want to create a local version of the Rinky-Dink, a pedal-powered mobile sound system in UK that, as well as making music as you pedal, helps demonstrate power usage by showing the comparison between a normal bulb versus an energy-efficient bulb (and by cycling to power these lightbulbs you can learn for yourself how energy-efficient lightbulbs actually require less energy/pedalling for brightness!) (to see Rinky Dink check out: We would like to also demonstrate to the public the idea of a more walking- and cycling-friendly city which could be made up of things like: -Street performance/art -Workshop spaces -Alternative technology showcases -Greening the city (involving NGO’s such as Greenpop)
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By using my skills as a journalist to put this project across in a way that people find inrpiring, using my social media networks. Even using big brands to help market this idea in a dynamic and highly interactive way ( I want to know what people think, find the core of this social dormancy so we may address it!)

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There are very few members of the youth who want to create these kinds of projects locally in Cape Town. I believe the biggest challenge will be waking people up to their power to create projects like this as well themselves if they like - but I believe people will be very responsive and interested in my idea.
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I recently had a realisation about people and decided: gimicky and quirky, humorous and fun is the way to go if we want to get peoples attention! Seeing is believing my friends, and if we want to convince people that yes, they do need to make some drastic life changes to meet the environmental challenges we are facing as of late, it is neccessary that we SHOW and INVOLVE people!

I was particularly inspired by the rumour that WESSA ( is going to be setting up a Sustainablity Commons at their offices in Kirstenhof soon. (for a good definition of a local Sustainability Commons go to this link:

When chatting about these abstract concepts, I refer often to CAT (Centre for Alternative Technology-Check it out: a great place in UK with the ‘largest range of installed renewable systems anywhere’ – a place you only hear of in hippy farytales it seems, along with it’s incredible magical machines/set-ups that the average person’s imagination struggles to accept (eg 'Photovoltaics', 'Solar thermal' and 'micro-grid')

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Just an idea at the moment - people I tell have all been as excited as I am!

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I would hope that we could have an Alternative Mobility Parade in the centre of Cape Town once a year. Yes it is easily, and that's what's so great about it! I hope it inspires many mnay more!

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Get together a great team of young people interested in renewable energy and sustainable technology.

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Spread the idea

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Make the Rinky-Dink. Start planning the Alternative Mobility Parade.

12-Month Tasks
Task 1

Make use of my team of renewable energy experts and enthusiasts

Task 2

Bring in people who would be well learned in holding street parades

Task 3

Approach the city council and get their support

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101 - 1,000

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More than 10,000

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I have been the only one so far pushing this project. I would have to keep on sniffing out those like-minded people living in Cape Town also (those people just waiting for that perfect oppurtunity to use their skills to change our city's mindset towards renewable energy and alternative transport for ever!!) In this way I wouldnt feel so isolated and frustrated in my thinking, but rather supported, encouraged and inspired.

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I believe people can be using their social media networks to spread positive behavioral change and a shift in attitude to a greener perspective. I would make sure the Alternative Mobility Parade would have a lot of media coverage as well as be all over the internet (films, pics and blogs), and thus could change peoples thinking on a large scale!

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Even if the parade cant happen, I will make sure the Rinky-Dink gets made, and this can become a symbol of positive change for Cape Towns renewable energy and sustainable transport advocates.

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I will connect with brands, NGO's and government. Climate change is a bit buzz word at the moment, as is all that is GREEN. This project could help organisations (who are smart enough to get on the band wagon) look real good!

Tell us about your partnerships

I am currently meeting on a regular basis with the founder (Andrew Wheeldon) of the local NGO BEN bikes: stands for Bicycling, Empowerment and Networking.

What type of team (staff, volunteers, etc.) will ensure that you achieve the growth milestones identified in the Social Impact section?

NGO workers, foreign individuals and organisations who are interested in South African social/environmental development (we have very many of those!). Young green geniuses - we can even train these up.

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Human resources or talent, Collaboration or networking, Innovation or ideas, Mentorship.

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It would be great to to be able to communicate with all those people worldwide who have invented great unique ideas in alternative technology and/or renewable energy.

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An Alternative Mobility Parade in Cape Town that showcases alternative modes of transport as well as renewable power gimmicks.