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Like a multimedia museum tour of the whole world, Broadcastr is crowd-sourced, location aware delivery of audio, image and text.

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The human voice is the most intimate way of sharing a narrative. In the digital space, we can tweet, post videos to youtube, send our photos to facebook, but there was no place for the oldest and most natural form of sharing human narrative, until now. We all have stories to tell. Not everyone has the skills to create a video, or distill a message to only 140 characters. We can all sit down and tell our experiences, the same way we talk around the dinner table every day. We created Broadcastr to engage the community put off by the the throw-away nature of social media, to give a platform to the voices of people around the world, and to allow everyone to share their stories and hear the stories of others.

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Broadcastr is clear, simple technology, available on the most popular platforms. There is a website,, accessible anywhere in the world. There is an app available both on the iPhone and the Android. The website is free to access, and the apps are free to download. Listening to stories is free. Creating and sharing your own story is free. The only barrier to entry is having some access to Internet, and a microphone. Connecting audio content to place, and streaming in real time based on a mobile user's location is completely unique. Imagine walking through Manhattan, passing a famous building, and then hearing the architect's commentary awaken and stream from your headphones. This is something that has never been possible before, but is happening every day on Broadcastr.
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Personal narratives form the fabric that connects us across societies, across cultures. Through reading novels, watching films, and hearing the stories of others we realize our similarities. In the words of James Baldwin, “the things that tormented me most were the very things that connected me with all the people who were alive or who had ever been alive.” This experience was put into practice through our partnership with the 9/11 Memorial, in New York City. The spoken rememberances of 9/11 survivors, witnesses, and first responders have been collected, and made available on Broadcastr. Visitors to the World Trade Center site can listen to police Detective David Brink describes the moment when the trade center's south tower collapsed, "I looked at one of the guys that was on my team. I said, 'Bobby, what the hell was that?' And he goes, 'Dave the whole tower is coming down.' I said, 'You've got to be kidding.'" The power of hearing this man’s memories, in his own voice, is staggering. This is only one of dozens of personal recollections currently being shared at the memorial site. This archive of collective memory is growing daily, with hundreds of new stories added to the 9/11 Memorial’s "Call to Remember" project, developed by the Memorial, Broadcastr, and History. Anyone, from anywhere in the world can record their memories of 9/11 directly into the Broadcastr site, or thorugh a call in number, or using recording kiosks installed in the memorial musuem at groud zero.

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There are a number of other apps working to create storytelling or sharing experiences around the context of place. Trover, for example, focuses on the taking and sharing of photos of places that matter to you. The ability to speak your story, and to leave it on the corner where it happened, is a deeper, richer experience than can be conveyed through photos and text. Hearing the voice of a reporter on the ground in Tahir Square during the Egyptian Revolution brings us so much closer to the reality of her experience. Her story remains accessible indefinitely, on the Broadcastr archive.
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Brodacastr grew out of an earlier project with the similar goal of bringing narrative into the digital space. In 2009, Andy Hunter and Scott Lindenbaum founded Electric Literature, a quarterly journal for short fiction. The jornal was available in print, on the web, on any e-reader, and as an app. Bringing the tradition of short literary fiction into the digital, mobile space, inspired the question, "What else do we naturally crave, but can’t get in the current technology landscape?"

What was missing was simple, human storytelling. Using mobile technology, including gps location-aware devices, we realized we could deliver meaningful spoken narratives to specific places.

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After launching our website and app only a few months ago, we have tens of thousands of individuals listening to and posting stories. We have given people a way to speak their personal stories, their family and community histories and their feelings in a new way.

Recently, one of our founders shared a story with the rest of the staff. He showed Broadcastr to a friend for the first time. That friend survived the 9/11 attacks, but was unfamiliar with our work or collaboration with the memorial. Opening the app for the first time, this manclicked 9/11 memorial on our app's "featured" tab, and immediately started listening to survivor stories that were resonant with his own experience.

This is a single case, but beyond this project and this person, we've touched tens of thousands of users with tens of thousands of personal narratives. The content ranges from the heartbreaking accounts of 9/11, to children talking about their families, to comedians sharing stories around the country.

What is your projected impact within the next 1-5 years? Is your idea replicable? If so, how?

Our app is free to use, and available across multiple platforms. We hope that more and more people will see the engagement taking place on the platform, and contribute their own voices to the thousands that are already speaking out.

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We have had huge engagement rates, and we hope to continue and improve our adoption curve over the next six months.

Six-Month Tasks
Task 1

Continue to form meaningful partnerships with content providers across industries, expanding into new demographics.

Task 2

Improve our technology and user experience to remove any barriers to engagement that can be identified.

Task 3

Continue to look oustide of New York city for more experiences and hubs of connection.

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Our revenue model should be approaching sustainability, and our user base will have expanded to the high hundreds of thousands.

12-Month Tasks
Task 1

We will reproduce the successful models of content delivery created wit early partners with other organizations.

Task 2

Our technology and interface wil respond to larger numbers of users, quickly responding to feedback and implementing fixes.

Task 3

Our global presence will expand, through more engagement in projects outside of the United States.

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More than 10,000

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More than 10,000

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With a small staff, and limited resources, we stuggle to fix technology problems, and respond to the desires of our partners and userbase with the speed we would eventually like to reach. Over the next few months, we’ll be expanding to better address these issues, and move faster with creative, considered solutions.

How do you see the information-technology and media sectors shifting over the next decade? How will your solution adapt to and/or drive that changing environment?

We plan to be a major driver of the shift from the current web content delivery systems toward mobile content delivery, that takes into account elements of social functionality, along with location and movement throught the world.

A story told through audio, video, or text makes more sense if it’s helping you to engage with what’s in front of you. We are pioneering a new way to get these narratives into people’s hands, based on the context of place.

Failure is not always an option. If your solution fails to gain traction in the next two years, what other applications of the idea could you explore?

If Brodacastr does not see the sustained growth we expect, we may look to other ways of presenting and developing content. By two years from now, certain partnerships will have proven successful, and others will not. We’ll always be focused on pushing harder at partnerships and content that provide meaningful, rich experiences.

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Certain partnerships will be supported by sponsoring organizations, from publishers to media companies to brands. These sponsor organizations work with partners to deliver the content that their demographic will enjoy.

Tell us about your partnerships

We have partnerships with over 100 cultural and media organizations, including The National September 11 Memorial & Museum, NBCUniversal (The Oxygen Network), The History Channel, SummerStage,, Simon and Schuster, Fodor's Travel Guides, The USC Shoah Foundation Institute, The NYC Department of Parks, and the American Institute of Architects.

These partnerships run the gamut from cultural organizations to media companies to travel guides. By providing an array of content within the platform we engage users to discover something new.

What type of team (staff, volunteers, etc.) will ensure that you achieve the growth milestones identified in the Social Impact section?

Our small team has a shared background in narrative creation. Many of us, including members of our technology development team, studied writing and narrative in the past. Our goals, throughout the entire project, are to create the best way for people to share intimate narrative experiecnes. We’ll be expanding out parnership management team, along with our design and development teams over the course of the next year, but will always have our eye on that same goal.

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Marketing or media, Collaboration or networking, Innovation or ideas.

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As we mentioned, parnerships with other organizations form the basis for our entire project. We’ll continue to work with other groups to help them use our platform to share their message, and reach their audience. Many partner organizations see the marketing potential for Broadcastr, and we enjoy working with other groups to get their message across.

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Broadcastr delivers location-specific media. Our free apps and website let you create, share and build community narratives.