Cocoa Sustanability Partnership

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Cocoa Sustanability Partnership

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Working Together for Sustainable Indonesian Cocoa Development

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Cocoa production has strategic importance in Indonesia. Smallholders dominate cocoa production in Indonesia. More than a million farmers are involved in cocoa growing and production of cocoa bean. This is a beneficial because it absorbs rural employenment. Along the cocoa value chain there are many more employment. If anything negative or positive happens, therefore, many people will be affected. Cocoa stakeholders need to maintain, enhance and sustain the cocoa industry to the benefits of farmer and other stakeholders. There have many challenges ahead. Many parties have been working to improve cocoa plantation productivities and cocoa bea quality. They realize that potential and strength of Indonesia cocoa position in the global cocoa industry has encountered many problems that need concerted efforts to overcome. One of the way to response to such challenges is to improve the role and effectiveness of Cocoa Sustainability Partnership (CSP). CSP functioned and was desig as a comunication’s forum and it is now – in this reconfirm its roles. Most of the stakeholders believe that CSP is important to facilitate cocoa stake holders’ comunication and share knowledge and experiences.

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CSP is an independent forum for information sharing, shared learning and media to discuss issues related to cocoa dvelopment. Also the CSP was to no be an alliance with any individual member’s orgaganization. CSP’s mandate is to develop a comprehensive approach, not represent a single organization/member. CSP is a place to discuss differnces and come up with consensual position. CSP’s comparative advantage derive from : Brand name, Networking, Partnership, Sustainability focus and holistic approach, and new mandate, national relevance
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There are 5 Domain we works 1. Internal governance and management and the activities : Hierarchy of authority, accountability and responsibility of Board of trustees and board of executives. Membership management to enchance members commitment, roles and responsibility and benefits. Performance management/standard to ensure the achievement of CSP over periode of time. And activity and finacial planning to ensure CSP sustainabilty. 2. Social marketing and comunication : Printed media (CSP News) and internet based(web (, mailing list, social media (FB Cocoa sustaibaility Partnership Group)) to disseminate and social market CSP. Expo/public expose and regulars meeting. 3. Farmer Empowerment : Farmers capacity building to increase farmers knowledge and skill (technology transfer , access to funding). Market access to improve fairness, transparent and accesible. Farmers institution to enable them act collectively to address collective problem and concern (cooperative). 4. Trade procedure and policy : policies and institutions to enhance coordination, productivity, sustainablity and profitability. 5. Sustainable management of cocoa production : Research for sustainable cocoa. Guidance development for cocoa certification. Socialization of cocoa certification. Implementing, monitoring and evaluation of the guidance certification assesment for sustainable management cocoa production

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CSP works closely with the Indonesian Cocoa board and government of Indonesia to ensure that activities are in line with and supported by policy and infrastructure development. Reseach Institution involved in the CSP include ICCR ( Institute Cocoa and Coffee Research Indonesia), Agriculture provincial, Hasanuddin Universty (the biggest in East Indonesia), BPTP and ACIAR (Australian govt). And from the provicial government we wroks closely with West Sulawesi and South Sulawesi government. And from Industrial we works with MARS Inc, ADM, Armajaro, Cargill, Ecom. Also we works with other NGO such as Veco, Swisscontact . Another institution involved is a sertification body Rainforest Alliance.
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Cocoa Sustainability Partnership
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muhammad yusuf saleh

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Cocoa Sustainability Partnership

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5 years of CSP
1. Agreed key farm level issues and priorities
2. Agreed a single set of best practies for cocoa farm management cocoa farmer training and engagement
3. Established mechanism and flatform for ongoing comunication and collaboration between partners
4. Pioneered and overseing a sustainable cocoa certification program based on agreed National Indicators for sustaibale cocoa.

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Six-Month Tasks
Task 1

1. Developing coordination and comunication amoung stakeholders to maintain the sustainable cocoa program.

Task 2

Identifying and prioritizing problems in cocoa supporting research for sustinable cocoa

Task 3

Empowering cocoa farmers and their institution along with other cocoa stakeholders

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Developing guidenca on all aspects of cocoa certification Socializing the guidance to all stakeholders Ensuring the implementati

12-Month Tasks
Task 1

Developing guidenca on all aspects of cocoa certification

Task 2

Socializing the guidance to all stakeholders

Task 3

Ensuring the implementation of the guidance Monitoring and evaluating the benefits of cocoa certification for all stakeholders E

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101 - 1,000

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More than 10,000

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Barries to date is how to get the financial support ? In tough economic times, it is not easy to answer. Unfortunately, questions about financial support for nonprofit organization become more frequent and pressing. As nonprofit organization CSP has different character compared to profit organization. CSP will find a way to financial sources . CSP has to create imaginative and innovative ideas that can translate its whole strategy into practice and attrack funding agencies. And for funding , Our models are involved 1. Member Motivator, 2 . Big Bettor, 3. Public Provider, 4. Policy Innovator, and 5. Market Maker

How do you see the information-technology and media sectors shifting over the next decade? How will your solution adapt to and/or drive that changing environment?

Information technology and media sector very crucial. Communication and shared learning among them are limited although their resources and expertise my complementary. Our partner not only association and cocoa producer but the farmers and group farmers whose limited access the information technology. So Why we still maintain CSP news as an media beside web site and Social media as an communication tools. For the future we will develop e-learning content for the farmer and group farmers.

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Helping companies or farmer to get certified is one example where market makers operate. There is a demand for certified or at least particularly character of cocoa bean market. These non profit generate the majority of their revenues from fees or donation that are directly liked to their activities. CSP can generates funding from this approach

Tell us about your partnerships

Partnership is a key and spirit of CSP. CSP existence is driven by partnership.The Partnership spirit will allow CSP to be a forum. Currently we have 16 members. Some are activemembers, They come from research institution (ICCRI), Hasanuddi University, NGOs, donor, Coca association (ASKINDO). Members are diverse, It is acknowledge that in terms of stakeholders who have not been involved due to a variety reason. In the future, CSP will expand the stakeholder to reach as broad as possible in term of region and interest

What type of team (staff, volunteers, etc.) will ensure that you achieve the growth milestones identified in the Social Impact section?

We have 2 sub committee ie. 1. Research Development and Transfer technology leading by research Institution ( Unhas Univ) and the second is Farmer empowerment lading by Cocoa Associatioan. In the secretariat we have 3 persons. Secretary General, Comunication and Administration

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Investment, Marketing or media, Collaboration or networking.

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Investment, Marketing or media, Collaboration or networking.

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We have funding as a big problem to run this organization right now. Some our partners stop their projects. For your Info our Partners contribute to support people. ASKINDO (Cocoa Association) support for dropping admin staff, Mars Inc support for secretary general salary, and others support for communication staff. And today we need funding to running our programs that we have been create Grand Strategy 2011 – 2014.

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To Achieve sustanable, Profitable, and competitive Indonesia cocoa industry for the mutual benefit of all stakeholders