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The project that I am submitting to the competition satisfies the needs of millions of citizens, not just in Iraq. It could be a starting point, applicable in different countries throughout the world.A citizen has an urgent need to communicate with and contact members of parliament when decisions are being made; the same applies to the member of parliament when he needs to contact citizens quickly and timely; hence, the idea came to me for making a program that helps all parties to communicate quickly.

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The project depends on finding a program that achieves a connection between Parliament and the citizen, quickly and in line with the work of a member of Parliament in any state in the world. Whatever type of parliament it is, the work is done via a program on the Internet that contains a map of the country, which displays different areas of the country and the members of Parliament for each area. A citizen then enters what concerns him in the correct area and begins tracking how his problem is dealt with in parliament by assigning one of the members to deal with it until a law is passed that satisfies the citizen's need. The program can also be developed to be a substitute for parliament, so the people perform the work of a member of parliament directly via the program without need for any intermediaries such as members of parliament, for example, or the parliament in its current form
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A citizen who is in need of a law that helps him to keep his income safe from taxes, but can't reach the deputy in parliament who will report the problem. A citizen enters the specific internet program, then enters his particular area on the country map. The names of deputies for his area are displayed, and where they are. A citizen then writes an instant message to the deputy and explains the problem. He then tracks whether the deputy has acknowledged the problem and whether he has brought it before Parliament. The program displays the stages in the handling of the problem, starting with the deputy putting the program to Parliament, the debate, and then the passing of the law; all these phases appear together in front of him at the same time. A citizen will know whether the deputy is really interested in his problems or whether he doesn't deserve to be elected again.

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I don't have any competitors as the idea is new
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ashur raduo
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ashur raduo

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I will start applying the program to my country, Iraq, and after it has been going for a while, it will surely be approved, as it makes communication easier, and doesn’t involve any corruption because of the way it works

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Co-operation with parliament to apply the program at the start.

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Marketing and introducing the site to citizens

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More than 10,000

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A special program based on a simple and modern idea, ensuring transparent communication between the citizen and parliament, w