Crowdsourcing of Constitutional drafting

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Crowdsourcing of Constitutional drafting

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Successful experience of 100K people codrafting a constitution.
Officials received and took into consideration these comments.

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We need funding to scale the project from a national successful site to a global platform.

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The success story is: Check the English version at: The statistical report at: The analytical report at: This is a successful story on how the citizens can contribute on participating on the drafting of their own constitution. The experience was successful in Morocco, and we received requests from citizens from different countries (Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, ...) to build a site for them We believe we can have an open platform for anybody to open a similar debate in any country.
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The current Moroccan constitution has the fingerprints of the users of

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There are attempts to build similar sites like this one, but none has tried to build a global platform.
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Democracy is a social contract between the rules and the people. The constitution symbolizes the text of that contract. But historically, it was the ruler who drafts the constitution, and ask the citizens to accept it via a referendum.
With internet, things can change. The citizen can draft their own constitution rather than wait for its vote.
That's what we wanted to do in Morocco first, and we have some impact. Now we can grow the idea bigger.

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This can impact the countries in democraric transition (e.g. most of the Arab countries), and it will target basically the digitally literate population.
But the idea is so wild, that we cant precisely measure its scale.

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This can become a classical exercise in every constitutional change in the world.

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Build a similar site in one more country: Egypt, Tunisia, etc

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Advertise the site and make it a success story in that country

Task 3

Build a strong pitch to get requests to build it in another country

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Enable any user to build his own site for such discussion

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Build a beta v1 site

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Test it in one country

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Have a solid v1 product

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More than 10,000

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Financial barriers.
To build a plaform, we need to invest on the engineering cost and infrastructure.

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the media change will drive on the same direction: crowdsourcing, citizen journalism and individual empowerement.

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We can open it for a new type of forums: Results based forums

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It was a citizen initiative and self-funded by two engineers.

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- Software engineers
- Media partners

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Crowdsourcing of constitutional drafting