SHOBBAIK: Search engine project via the mobile

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SHOBBAIK: Search engine project via the mobile

Palestinian Territory
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for profit
$100,000 - $250,000
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The system provides a distinct product for both Arab countries and Palestinians.It serves companies and institutions customers.

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This is a project that is very modern and distinctive in the Palestinian market and the Arab market, which will focus primarily on providing information to the user in the least possible time and at the lowest possible cost, especially in the absence of connection to the Internet for a moment that the information is needed.

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Clients to submit any information via the mobile services include the following: 1- Query on the company / institution / service / a particular person. 2- Query on the latest political news. 3- Inquiring about the latest economic news. 4- Inquiring about the latest sports news. 5- Inquiring about the latest news. 6- Offer and demand with a product before the end of the offer. 7- A ticket in the appointment or occasion (birthday party or a meeting or any special occasion) 8- Get exchange rates, live and direct. 9- Text Translation (English/Arabic & Vise Versa). 10- Search for any word in the Quran (in any verse in any Sura) 11- Get on the meaning of any word in the Koran. 12- an explanation of any word or verse in the Koran. 13- courtesy of a message, image, program or video clip. 14- Get the prayers / adhkaar / Forum / times, tips andomly. 15- Get answers to questions in a variety of cultural competitions (challenge).
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A user sends an SMS message from any information he wants to search for in Palestine, and sends them to the short number is announced later, and the system analysis of this information, which arrived via short number, the search in the database that contains tens of thousands of information and re-send the results to the sender the form of a short and very quickly, where we adopt the latest methods of search and indexing of information to allow access to better and faster results. Will be returned the first result to search through the SMS message, a message is sent again the number of search results, with the common question in his desire to continue to receive more results by sending the number 1 at a time. Will also adopt a set of commands to be sent by the user in some services (such as supply and demand), (News), (exchange rates), (Translation), (supplications / prescribed / jokes / sayings / advice). In other services there are no restrictions Remember, where the search is the default format is to write any text into the message will be queried in general, and returns the results of the researcher (as described earlier • Sort search results: Order search results will be attributed to research by topics most in demand in the research and will be indexed automatically and placed in the first results. • priority search results: Will be the adoption of a great way to search results so that there are special assessments for those who wish to access his first name when any process related to the field of research work.

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1) Quality Wise: As we previously stated that this is a unique product, and depends upon revenue sharing with Jawwal using one of their Short Codes. This will facilitate the job in finding the information, and it will save time. Moreover, it would be considered as facilitator (Broker) between the user and the requested entity and/or person's information. 2) Price Wise: To get any information, it won't cost the user more than 1 NIS per message.
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Modern Tech Corporation Ltd., MTC
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Nadira FM

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Modern Tech Corporation Ltd., MTC

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Mtc is the first company in Palestine that has established a search engine via mobile.
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