- A new way to collectively document and produce video content online

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It allows large complicated events to be covered quickly, cheaply, and with a very high quality product at the end.

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The Prism explores storytelling with the tools that are available to us today. At its heart the project is a series of production methods and layering of processes that allows photojournalists to make the transition from photographer to documentary filmmaker of the 21st century. Through a series of workshops photographers are acquainted withe video functions of their DSLR cameras and are taught the basics of production, directing multimedia documentaries for the web. The stunning quality of DSLR video is revolutionizing documentary filmmaking which notoriously is known for its lower quality of image due to the use of small video cameras when compared with the monsters used for fiction hollywood films. At the same time every photojournalist secretly wishes they were a documentary filmmaker and their main hesitation is having another camera and having to learn how to use it. With these new DSLRs the camera is the same so the learning curve is small, and the results are amazing. The primary objective achieved through the prism is to bypass traditional media outlets and telling the story ourselves. Citizen journalism with an artistic twist!

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The idea is to create a series of ongoing Prism projects that would document different broad subjects and slowly start to create a database of unique perspectives on life around the world. In parallel NGOS and any organization that wishes to learn how to document their work and impact is available to participate in the tutorials and be empowered to be able to document their efforts.
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By empowering the photographer to make the transition from still photography to moving image, the impact that photogrpaher may have is tenfold. With the prominance of online video and multimedia platforms like mini docs like those on the website will become more and more prominent. It is an ideal method for quickly, cheaply, and easily aggregale large quantinties of data and sharing them to the world in an elegant and immediate way. Greece has rarely been documented by a group of young and free spirited filmmakers. Due to the financial crisis Greece is going through we were able to leverage the passions of the photographers to make an extra special effort to document their country through an innovative and fun way. The results are stunning especially when considering that the photographers had never shot video before. I feel that in this time of crisis the public is in dire need to find information that is different and yet relevant to their perspective. Information that escapes the mainstream media, yet is produced with the same degree of professionality and evoke a much more emotional connection rather than the "Objective" gaze of corporate media outlets.

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There is nothing right now that resembles what the prism does.
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About a year ago 3 people were burned alive in a bank in downtown Athens, the result of a protest getting out of control. One of the people who died was a pregnant woman, a bank employee who even though the bank was open on a day which was declared as a national strike day, she went to work pregnant. Her sense of duty broke every stereotype of Greece I was so eagerly trying to avoid, thus having moved to New York over 12 years ago. This was not my country I remembered, I needed to retrun and to try to understand how the rage had reached this level of absurdity. I had just figured out how to use the video features on my camera and wanted to explore the prospect of teaching several talented photographers to become documentary filmmakers. The is the result.

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Having the ability to explore ones country though a multitude of different perspectives even if some of them are conflicting and sometimes directly opposing each other. It allows for a form of transparency and honesty that does not seem to be frequent n the traditional media channels, which has lead in my opinion for a greater mistrust of large media corporations and news outlets.

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there is no immediate plan for the next five years, there is not really anything out there right now which is similar to the Prism workshop and business model, but there is no barrier to entry other than the knowledge to execute such a thing.

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Organize the next Prism

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Develop marketing strategy for the tutorials

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Promote the website

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Task 1

Develop the structure for the prism network of affiliates

Task 2

archive all material collected thus far

Task 3

develop web platform for sale and use of archival material

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financing has been the hardest part of the equation so far. I have self financed the entire prism with my partner Nina, this has limited the projects scope, marketing. If a steady source of funding existed the Prism would be an ongoing project which would never stop producing content. As of right now until more funding can be found it this is where we stop.

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I see big news organizations fearing initiatives such as the Prism for the simplest reason, it is now very cheap and easy to produce great looking content and reac viewers. I foresee the Prism being one of the first examples of independent online journalism and documentary filmmaking. I find that it is very possible that big media outlets will start to imitate the prism production process sooner or later but what will always be unique is the independent brand of the prism which ensures a well thought out story and perspective on a particular issue.

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It is a documentation of greece in 2010-2011 and will stay up for as long as it can

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Through the workshops and selling the final products effectively as an agent that represents the Prism associates and affiliates.

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no need as of now

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The Prism is an innovative production process that allows photojournalists to make the transition to documentary filmmakers.