Workplace Safety and Health Management System

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Workplace Safety and Health Management System

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The solution is a portable reporting device, customised software, data storage services and various push report options.

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The aim is to create awareness to public with our social responsibility campaign “ Safety@SG”, in mid-September, which will leverage on social media and mobile applications, to engage and educate our citizens to report any unsafe acts and provide them with content that will educate them. Our main business is, Vortport a portable, highly interactive and time sensitive incident management and reporting system, to generate, track and record work related accidents, disease/illness and unsafe acts/conditions onsite, WSH reporting also enhances the corporate social responsibility (CSR) profile of companies by integrating economic, social, ethical and environmental concerns in business operations.

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Currently used solutions are pen and paper format that requires the transfer of pictures from camera ane ect. Vortport potential is a niche un-served market that is in line with government guidelines that instills corporate governances and greater ownership to stakeholders. We will have the first mover advantage in serving these focus industries.Vortport a portable, highly interactive and time sensitive incident management and reporting system, to generate, track and record work related accidents, disease/illness and unsafe acts/conditions onsite, WSH reporting also enhances the corporate social responsibility (CSR) profile of companies. This solution will launch in late November. Vortport can be leveraged as an indicator of good business performance by help companies in profiling their WSH policies and practices in their annual reports. Companies which have good WSH performance benefit from reduced loss time in production and this translates to better productivity and business performance. Vortport is position as a tool to assist individual organizations workplace safety committee or safety officers/personal. It allows them to generate reports and do trending analysis based on Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSHC) guidance on Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Reporting this creates transparency on WSH performance that could be leveraged to drive further improvements. This also creates confidence in investors that the company is taking active measures to improve its safety and health performance and thereby its productivity.
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Vortport portable workplace safety and health reporting system which currently innovates form current processes for internal usage will empowers users to deliver accurate, timely and improved workplace safety and health reports on the move. The solution is a portable reporting device, customised software, data storage services and various push report options. Vortport telematics information structure is scalable and portable for the use of other applications like building infrastructure reporting, this provides for business growth into other areas of implementation. Build as a web-based application, information and content access are granted to any computing system with internet access.

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There is no major competition for this niche market solution available in the market, the competition are establish software development companies that have the capabilities and resources to copy and expedite the development and ready to market process. This will give Vortics Communications the first mover advantage. We have a patent-pending for our solution.
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Fresh out of military school, where safety and health were a culture that was embedded in us. I started my first job in marketing and sales, I told myself what am I doing here selling other peoples products and solutions, I wanted more than a day job, I want to make my own job. Than the challenge came, Fresh and new in the market, what experience can I back up upon to fuel my dream. Than it strike me, to use technology to improve safety and health culture in Singapore.

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The key business areas are construction, manufacturing and shipbuilding & repairing. These organisations form a total of 16,689 registered entities publish by Ministry of Manpower Number of Factories by Industry - 2000 to 2009.

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To make all workplace a safe place and decrese of workplace death/injuries.

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Safety and Health Information Potal/Activities/Media

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More than 10,000

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More than 10,000

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Bigger competition who are able to replicate our project fast, we have a patent filling date for our patent.

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Mobile computing, which easy finger tips access. It set to work on tablets.

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Development of smart energy solutions, we are also working on the project now, but not all our resources are focused on that solution.

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Will be reasonably priced to ensure SME‟s are also able to adopt this tool. The standard sell package consist of a handheld device and our services are projected at SGD$8500, with addition handheld device going for SGD$3000. Based on timeline set for Vortport ready to market is 6 months from being incorporated, we project a total of 58 units sold in 1 year with a gross sale of SGD$493,000.

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Currently incubate in a educational insitute, with accees to facilities, tools and manpowers.

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Vortics Communications develops and provides focused turnkey solutions in virtual, portable and telematics technologies.