Youth Building Egypt's brighter future through the Scouts Movement

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Youth Building Egypt's brighter future through the Scouts Movement

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Youth working as one for a better future and proposing solutions for Egypt's crucial issues.

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Youth hold the power for Egypt and represent its future. Egypt stands now at the crossroads whereby its youth bulge, ages 18-29 numbering 19.8 million can be turned into a window of opportunity by creating enabling environments and policies that translate to growth, employment, and social inclusion. There also needs to be “a revival of the ethics and values that promote honesty and integrity An enabling culture of participation among youth through educational institutions, civil society organization, media and the scouts movement will develop programs on life and leadership skills, enrich knowledge, revive ethics and values that promote and enable the effective exercise of the rights and duties of citizenship. This can be achieved and enhanced by activating secular forums and platforms. The introduction of scouts camps as an auxiliary to the educational system, through the proposed initiative is a pilot project that, if successful, can be replicated nationwide.

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Upgrading and enhancing the Scout4Peace camp with the purpose of becoming a Centre of Excellence that will develop and adapt the scouts’ movement, build the capacity and increase the percentage of youth scouts leaders (8 to 21 years old) through the following: o Generating interest in the scouts’ camp in schools, youth centers and clubs to reach 50 institutions annually. o Organizing 10 annual workshops for parents. o Organizing, if possible one regional or one international workshop for experience sharing. o Identifying and networking with like-minded partners and with capacity building institutions. o Identifying champions in the targeted institutions and ensuring their interest and involvement. o Developing and using up to date participatory facilitation and training techniques – Encourage inclusion (e.g. handicapped and children from deprived areas). o Involving the media from the start to enlist its support . o Creating a portal linking the various scouts groups. o Provide IT skills, particularly in social networking. o Documenting the initiative. o Working with partners to mobilize resources needed for scaling up. o Evaluating the various activities and identifying challenges/best practices/suggestions for modifications. The expected result will be a group of potential youth leaders able to become agents able to promote effective citizenship among their peers.
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It is hoped to achieve the following: Selecting five schools in the vicinity of the camp (observing diversity: government, experimental and private) and approaching the concerned authorities to partner with Scouts4Peace in our initiative. o Identifying a champion in the media and introducing from the outset the concept of the initiative to publicize and promote it. o Announce the Scouts4Peace offer of awards to the 3 top performers in each school as a one-week workshop in the camp. o Approach potential partners to support the initiative for possible future sustainability. o Give the awards to the winners in a publicized ceremony, using media (newspapers, TV, IT and social networks) o Carefully plan the workshop content and program and implement the workshop in a participatory and inclusive manner. If possible, select a public figure (young) to inaugurate or close the workshop. o Obtain an evaluation from the workshop participants o Evaluate and document the initiative, drawing lessons learned, challenges and good practices o Amend/modify according to evaluation and repeat in youth camps and/or in clubs o Organize a public event at the end of the initiative o Disseminate the results to the media and to the potential partners.

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Our peers are youth clubs and community development associations who offer physical activity/ sports and/or some training in soft skills and IT. Our competitors are private summer camps and summer activity centers who offer sophisticated activities at a high cost. We do not foresee any challenge from the private summer camp, as our target groups are different, as our initiative addresses less privileged groups. The workshops contents are also different, as our initiative is based on participation, inclusion and engagement at no cost initially Ultimately, we hope to mobilize youth clubs and community development associations as partners in our endeavours.
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Scouting for Peace - Egypt
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Scouting for Peace - Egypt

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Social Impact
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The recent events in Egypt, particularly following the youth-led revolution revealed the pressing need for leadership, acceptance of the others, the need for diversity and multiculturalism. At this crucial moment when the history of the new Egypt is being made, it is very important to provide youth with an opportunity to share their concerns and express what they feel could improve their futures. The Scouts4peace camp is available and can offer a platform for such candid dialogues where all have the opportunity to participate with their views and opinions, learn from others and accept others, with tolerance and reach a unified vision. This is exactly what is needed at this moment in time.

Also if this initiative is successful and replicated, it can be expand its activities to reach to other countries and energize youth exchange within the region and at international level and eventually lead to renewing interest in Egypt’s culture and attractions.

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Scouting4Peace began its existence on 1 March 2007 with the creation of a website consisting of three members. By the end of its first year, the number of memberships reached 500 and started to grow gradually to 1500 until it now reached 4799. The number of facebook groups affiliated to Scouting4Peace reached 29, with a total membership of 400000.
The camps started with 3 per year and have now reached 5 large local camps annually. The first international scouts’ camp was organized in 1996 with participation from 10 countries. This encouraged Scouts4Peace to organize another international camp, to be hosted in Egypt and another abroad, in addition to the training workshops organized regularly in our camp.
The evolution of our initiative triggered the concept of a more permanent mechanisms to facilitate and enable youth in Egypt and worldwide to share/ exchange experiences that could be mutually enriching to them.

What is your projected impact within the next 1-5 years? Is your idea replicable? If so, how?

Over the next 1- 5 years, it is hoped to have reached 250 institutions (schools, youth centers, clubs and to have trained 1000 potentials trainers, able to disseminate and replicate what they have learned to others, thus creating a ripple effect. If successfully applied and disseminated, the government authorities could be interested in applying this model in their youth centers nationwide. Regional and international workshops for experience sharing will further enhance the impact of this initiative.

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1st month – selection of target groups, partners and champions

Six-Month Tasks
Task 1

Set criteria for selection of schools, partners and champions, approach and secure their participation. Establish c

Task 2

Identify workshop trainers - Agree on workshop content – Develop training material – Design and launch general website – Identi

Task 3

Organize awards ceremony – Implement workshop – Set up social networks with workshop participants – Obtain and analyze participa

Now think bigger! Identify your 12-month impact milestone

Replicating the initiative to reach the number of 1000 leaders that could be deployed nationwide to promote learning by doing, t

12-Month Tasks
Task 1

Ensure that the workshops are successful, media focused on the stakeholders’ satisfaction, social networks active

Task 2

Approach government authorities for partnerships, identify interested partners from CSOs and development partners

Task 3

Disseminate report over the media and the social networks and mobilize resources for sustainability.

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The Scouts movement in Egypt suffered a severe setback over the past years due to: 1) the economic situation has prevented the government to allocate the needed resources to develop the scouts’ movement, upgrade the camps and build capacities. 2) volunteerism efforts have concentrated lately on poverty alleviation by providing direct support to the needy; 3) the shortage of competent and motivated scouts’ leaders and 4) the absence of civic education in school curricula. It is hoped that this pilot project will demonstrate that by investing in children and youth through the scouts’ movement, all stakeholders will rediscover the usefulness of this platform as a powerful civic engagement driver of change.

How do you see the information-technology and media sectors shifting over the next decade? How will your solution adapt to and/or drive that changing environment?

The rapid advance of ITC and the affordability of new communications devices, including handheld equipment, and the spread and power of the IT social networks make it possible for very large numbers of people and youth to be connected at all times. Added to this, the availability of on-line tools such as translation make rapid and constant information sharing possible to s vast audience and constitute one of the most power ful driver for change.

Failure is not always an option. If your solution fails to gain traction in the next two years, what other applications of the idea could you explore?

It is hoped to establish a successful model of a friendly and low-cost platform that encourages civic engagement. It is hoped to mobilize the existing scouts in Egypt through the social networks and seek support from government and other partners.

Expand on your selections, explaining how you will sustain funding

It is planned to seek support from the UN system, private sector companies, particularly those involved in IT, since communications and connectivity are main pillars in this initiative a big reliance rests on handheld communication devices. A major goal is to convince the government of the viability of the scouts camps as effective platforms for civic engagement, hoping that it invests in reviving the movement and upgrading the existing camps.

Tell us about your partnerships

Most of our partnerships are presently with international scouts movements with which very successful activities have been implemented, winning us recognition and even awards. It is hoped to expand these partnerships.

What type of team (staff, volunteers, etc.) will ensure that you achieve the growth milestones identified in the Social Impact section?

At the moment, we can rely only on volunteers and on incentives to be granted to the workers involved in the workshops and in setting up the website and the social networks.

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Human resources or talent, Collaboration or networking, Innovation or ideas.

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Scouts4Peace - a Platform for effective participation and engagement-Egyptian Youth commited to rebuild their future.