Chakh De Chotu

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Chakh De Chotu

Noida , IndiaIndia
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$10,000 - $50,000
Project Summary
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Child labour is an alarming problemChai Ki Tapri par nahi ,School mein dikhega apna ChotuSOCH KYA RAHA HAI ? CHAKH DE CHOTU  

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Common Chotu -You can Do It !!!!!!!!
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There are many ‘Chotu’s’ who serve you a Cup of tea or some eatery at any food and snack joint or at construction sites -They are mainly a victim of Child Labour ,no Education,economic distress and no fun in childhood -Helping such Chotu’s to have a better life ,helping them to go to school ,express themselves on radio ,play games,helping them with things of use and also have some help to support themselves is the motto

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Such kids are a part of a literacy mission called “Akshar Gyan “ under the concept of Abhinav Vidyalaya . They are also sent to priviledged schools like DPS etc with association with NGO’s working for such kids . At frequent intervals they and their family are also helped with donations in kind with Clothes ,Stationery ,Books ,toys etc . Bringing the small lives to a meaningful life Chotu not only comes to Salaam Namaste .But,Salaam Namaste also visits their places Chotu is also made to listen to Health based Programmes and programmes on Child Abuse Get Books ,go to schools ,can speak up,are aware ..
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To help such Chotu’s to escape from being victimised as examples of Child Labour ,Salaam Namaste started this Programme to help sich underpriviledged kids –Chakh De Chotu - -- Such kids are a part of a literacy mission called “Akshar Gyan “ under the concept of Abhinav Vidyalaya . - --They are also sent to priviledged schools like DPS etc with association with NGO’s working for such kids . - ---At frequent intervals they and their family are also helped with donations in kind with Clothes ,Stationery ,Books ,toys etc . Rupa used to work with her mother as a maid ,but when she was spotted ,for Chakh De Chotu she could get admitted to school and speak well ,express herself better .

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Currently Chotu's can read and write ,they go to schools ,are aware ,live a healthier life and have the urge to quit child labor . Read and Write Get Books and Copies Go to School Come to Radio and Speak Up Get new Friends ,Play Chotu is Aware Gets things of necessity Such Chotu's have the urge to say Bye Bye Child Labour ..and enjoy a Happy Childhood like other kids of their age .

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We are currently approaching several corporates to support our programme ,so that we can include monetary help for the kids too .So far our parent organisation Institute Of Management Studies ,Noida has been the entire support .Further ,we wish to seek enterprises also to make this Project become sustainable .

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Several NGO's also work on a similar platform,like SADRAGS and Smile India Foundation,Salaam Bharat ,Shramjeevi etc.We join hands with them to make the purpose solved in the most fruitful way .

Founding Story

When a Chotu working at a cycle shop was spotted and he could make his way to a school . When Rupa ,who was working with her mother as a maid ,found changes in herself in terms of expression and being aware ..when tiny tots at construction sites left playing in mud and made their way to the radio station to be friends with books and letters ,it really created an "Aha" moment and have the confidence that yes !!!!! the numbers of Chotu's will deplete and not increase ..
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Salaam Namaste Community Radio [A Unit Of IMS Noida ]
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Salaam Namaste Community Radio [A Unit Of IMS Noida ]

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, UP, Noida

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Encompassing various other regions ,which might not have been accessed earlier.Counseling families where they have kids who are victims of child labor.Inviting more hands to volunteer ,having more minds to join the idea .

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