The Key to Good Health

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The Key to Good Health

San Jose, Estados UnidosEstados Unidos
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$1 million - $5 million
Project Summary
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Empowering individuals and communities through access to comprehensive health and human services data: The "Key' to good health will change the way service providers and homeless interact with each other, allowing transformation in current systems, a path to quick, successful housing

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What if we can save the lives of thousands of homeless - simply by putting information into their hands?
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Health and human services information is scattered across dozens of disconnected data systems, making it difficult to provide well-coordinated, comprehensive services. If a consolidated health and human services record existed, individuals could avoid unnecessary duplication of tests and treatments, receive referrals to other providers to address issues that are hindering their health and benefit from data-driven improvements in service targeting

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Doors will be opened when health and human services data standards incorporating the use of an authenticated unique identification “Key” to facilitate cross-system data integration are broadly adopted, and when that data is used to improve both individual and overall patient care and human services provision. We will build a key - a Social Service Passport that will allow a homeless client to both retrieve and allow information to be shared with the service providers he/she interacts with. The power of information then becomes a real tool managed by the person receiving the services, not just by the system of care serving the client. It's akin to the electronic health record but covers the entire universe of a person's care system.
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Imagine losing your social security card, license, birth certificate, resume or other important documents. You know that ABC community services has copies of the resume and County Mental Health dept has the others. You can't access this because even your own info is restricted. You also forgot the name of the case manager you saw last week. The social service passport solves this by allowing access to whatever information given to social service providers. In addition, you've filled out an intake forms at 15 different places to get help for things like food, housing, a job, mental health, etc. The passport allows a person to give information back electronically to each of these places, saving time and effort.

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The Key, or Social Service Passport saves time, effort, and puts the power of information into the hands of the person who needs it most: the unhoused individual or family trying to navigate through the system. The information can help them move quickly and help to advocate for themselves. Better information sharing and coordination will allow the sector serving homeless to understand a consolidated picture of homelessness and allow them to provide coordinated, targeted services. A pilot of this project in Santa Clara County has the potential to reach as many as 28,000 homeless - the average number served through our system of care each year.

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Seeking foundation funding to implement this piece to a current data system already in place. Plan to sustain in the long term with users fees from non profit and government users of the current system.

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Non profit and government service providers working to end homelessness.

Founding Story

Our team is constantly spinning ideas on how technology can be used to make the most impact to help end homelessness and poverty. There was a real need figure out how we put the information into the hands of those who need it most. In one epic brainstorming session, the idea of the Key, or a "Passport" was born. What if someone who was homeless had a passport that let them "travel" and see what was happening with them? How can we give them that?
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If you are homeless - how do you track what is going on with,