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LocalBudget Apps

Jakarta, Indonesia
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$10,000 - $50,000
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Transparency, Budget monitoring and Public Participation in City Budget Preparation. This apps empower citizen to be part of the city budget process & monitoring in simple and easy way, cutting all bureaucracy process. This apps will help the government to be more accountable and transparent.

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What if you have a tool to give you power to monitor city budget and to participate in city budgeting?
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Municipal budgets are complicated documents comprising many moving parts and sources of revenue. According to 2009 survey by Jakarta Citizen Coalition 2030, 95% of citizen did not understand the city budget nor participate in budget preparation. The budgeting process does not reach to grass root efficiently and effectively. Those contribute inefficiency in budget planning and implementation.

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Indonesia is part of Open Government Initiative. Jakarta Provincial Government as its capital is committed to implement Open Government and Open Data. LocalBudget Apps will take benefit from current government commitment in Open Data implementation. This application will simplify traditional budget format into context and local understanding.
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According to study by Global Habit, 2013, mobile phone and smart phone penetration in Jakarta reach 93.9% of its citizens. LocalBudget Apps will be developed with simple language and layout.

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LocalBudget apps will depend on 3 conditions: 1) the availability of budget data from provincial government, 2)the availability of cloud technology, 3) and IT supports. The main concerns of financial sustainability of this project are condition number 2 and 3. If this app is successful, the government can adopted this and finance it from their budget. It goes along with current government commitment: to promote transparency and participation

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During my Eisenhower Fellowship, I've been connected to Code for America in US cities and local municipalities in 15 different US cities. Based on my encounters I conclude LocalBudget App. is unique and no one has ever built this application. LocalBudget App. will not only function as reporting acts of corruptions, but also as budget monitoring and for budget participation at the same time.

Founding Story

I was lucky enough to be selected as one of Eisenhower Fellows 2013. This fellowship enabled me to travel to more than 15 US cities in 2.5 months. I was learning how democracy empower people, how knowledge transforms citizen and how technology make two previous happened in shorter period of time. Local Budget App is the final product of jigsaw puzzle. It was triggered when I visited Detroit Institute of Arts. I was wondering how come this bankrupt city have this wonderful institution. And then I'm wondering about what happened with their city budget and what is the role of its citizens. Many questions arose during that day, and finally it's accumulated into LocalBudget app.
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, Jakarta

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