Reveal and Rescue Victims of Addicted Gamblers

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Reveal and Rescue Victims of Addicted Gamblers

Omaha, United StatesUnited States
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$1,000 - $10,000
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Twenty-five thousand innocent people are abused by addicted gamblers in the Midlands every year. We developed The Four Phase Recovery Program providing education, practical tools, interaction with community volunteers. These survivors need concentrated and specialized approaches so they may regain control and confidence.

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What if an abused spouse of an addicted gambler could wake up in the morning without fear and dread filling her heart?
About Project

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One of our goals is to provide a place of security where victims could study, learn, receive compassion and know they're not alone. Specialized Advocates are well-trained. We want to publicly speak about this "secret" abuse so that victims can look forward to the future instead of fear it.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

I want to personally train Advocates who would lead our uniquely designed meetings and workshops for victims. The gambling addiction is unique, which produces unique victims. I want to speak to corporate employees, numerous professionals in specialized fields, and others who want to be a part of unveiling the truth and helping people. We would open up a whole new segment of study and understanding. Without malice against the addict, we must not allow unidentified crimes to be perpetrated against the innocent. Ten years of research combined with personal experience ensures solid knowledge and success. The success is in victims not living in fear anymore, utilizing ways to protect themselves, their finances, and giving them reason to hope. Print my e-book. Speak out in seminars, media and PSA's. Inform so victims can reach out to us free from fear. Reveal absolute facts re: the addiction. Utilize my 10 years of research and personal experience while protecting those in danger of retaliation. Set up clinics or centers where my Four Phase Recovery Program is utilized. It's highly successful. Train Advocates using my Program. We work hard; the Program fits the participant individually. Their confidence will rebuild as they "find" their voices. Community members of expertise would be asked to contribute two 40-minute segments on topics of interest to participants. Stress unique addiction = unique victims = unique approach to the crisis.
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A woman contacts us desperate for help to understand why her family is being treated in cruel ways by her husband. He had always been kind and loving, but he has changed. She believes his gambling is the cause. We talk at length or meet in person. The intake person ascertains whether or not she is safe, has shelter, and food. We invite her to a weekly meeting place. There are four meeting segments: Education about the addiction; Safety; Protecting finances; and Decision time. A volunteer community member speaks on topics of interest. We work by studying and sharing. Their lives have changed, so they must be prepared. Confidence builds and decisions can be made.

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Prof. Ernest Goss, Economics submitted research as to the detrimental effects of gambling on our economy. He urged me to write a book. He said, "You're the only former victim whose willing to stand up and talk about it." I know the detrimental effects of gambling addiction on our citizens. I studied Iowa's casino attendance over three years showing 25K addicts equaling 25K victims, plus those at home. A child or teenager performs poorly in school in a high stress environment. The non-gambling parent is constantly tense and fearful of verbal, emotional, or physical abuse. This affects work performance. Physical health may deteriorate. When people come to The Four Phase Recovery Program, they learn the lies they've come to believe are not true. They learn they are valuable and worthy of support and happiness. They learn they aren't to blame for the addiction.

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I always try to find a grant, but there are none that are specific to our work. We need people who believe in the tragedy taking place all around us. In the last several years, our organization has been run by one person. Two Advocates had to quit for health reasons. There is a great deal to do in order to reach the goals mentioned here, so the movement forward has been slow. Advocacy has been out-of-pocket. I wrote a book that may bring in money

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There are some social workers who treat gamblers and victims. Churches have recognized the need for conclusions. There is one thing a social worker, pastor, or other must never do. Never counsel the gambler and the victim together. If you can imagine a kidnapper and the person he/she kidnapped being counseled together, you can see how different the two people are. Usually the gambler uses the situation to taunt his victim at home.

Founding Story

I married a wonderful man in 1997. He revealed himself to be an addicted gambler. My hopes for an amazing future with him were destroyed. I was abused often and in many ways. I lived isolated, in fear, and in very high stress. The cruelty was horrible. I thought I could change him or me. I wanted to save my marriage, but had no idea that was impossible. A few days after he left me I was driving home directly from work, as ordered. Suddenly, I realized I didn't have to go right home if I didn't want to. It was a "Wow" experience. I tasted freedom for the first time in five years.
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Because of the secret lives victims must live the need for widespread, countrywide meetings and clinics are mandatory. I spoke to my Congressman about the NIH and their categorization including gambling addiction with drug abuse and alcoholism. It was inappropriate. It is now in a separate category and study. Policy change must continue. Physicians, attorneys, law enforcement, etc. must stop considering abuses by gambling addicts as domestic violence. They must collect information in he said/she said situations if either is a gambler. Data will increase. Victims will be safer.

Barriers: What barriers might hinder the success of your project and how do you plan to overcome them?

This project has always been hindered by lack of money. Secondly, many people must beconvinced victimization does exist in high numbers. Those treating gamblers mistakenly believe they can recover. They cannot. Brain chemistry deteriorates. They have not been taught how to recognize a victim of an addicted or pathological (sociopath) gambler. Some people believe addiction is all the same. They are not.

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I have tried to partner many times, but those in my field believe some of the myths of the addiction and plight of victims. I'm very open to learning what they know. Most are satisfied with what they already know, so I continue to find other ways to reach out

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We have a confidential place to meet and are open and completely understanding. People from all walks of life have attended meetings or contacted me personally. A former governor of Nebraska expressed his support and feedback. The facilitation of conversation is a main goal. The U.S. Department of Justice believes in our work and rewarded us for it. I want to speak to funders, train and teach employees, and I am most willing to speak to politicians and collaborate with other organizations. Closed feedback loops, I believe, will prevent errors from causing confusion and delayed recoveries.

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