RISE 2014

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RISE 2014

Mumbai, IndiaMumbai, India
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for profit
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$50,000 - $100,000
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RISE 2014 is a summit focused on the shared values of RISE which allow every participant a voice to actively map resources and partnerships with the Development, Corporate and Government sectors through a non-competitive, inclusive medium with no presentations and panels.

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RISE 2014 will drive corporate and development sectors to partner resulting in sustainability of our world as it exists
About Project

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Allow every participant a voice to actively map resources and partnerships with and within the Development, Corporate and Government sectors. Build a collaborative forum with sector partners to bring down the cost of outreach, provide common infrastructure to create awareness and to leverage our strengths and networks. Cut across silos and promote cross-sectoral dialogue through an integrated approach that weaves through multiple roundtables.

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RISE 2014 is a active mapping platform for collaborative outreach, mobilization and action for holistic and integrated solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues. Hence access to resources, partnerships and linkages that happened at the Summit, will be tracked and follow-up mechanism has been put into place for monitoring and evaluation of outcomes and impact. With CSR and Inclusive business strategies becoming a key driver of emerging markets, we believe that “Just as private public partnerships changed the way infrastructure projects were executed, so too market based solutions and partnerships will drive the corporate and development sectors and through that overall sustainability of our world as it exists.”
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One of the best examples witnessed by RISE forum was "Parivartan": an executive programme designed in collaboration with Anandwan and TISS. his is an excellent opportunity for CSR/ HR/ Corporate Communications managers, NGOs and individuals to Understand a holistic development approach for creating sustainable social change Learn through an Experiential learning program guided by principles of great visionary Late Baba Amte Correlate your experience with the professional and managerial training by the experts from TISS. This a typical type of impact partnerships that RISE forum can foster.

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450+ Exhibition Days Rs. 70+ Lakhs direct sales Rs. 85 Lakhs enquiries Rs. 1 Crore media coverage 40+ Conferences 60+ Workshops & Sessions 250+ Interns (Intl & National)

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The RISE forum facilitates interaction to map resources and partnerships. Revenues are generated from: 1. Hosts - to utilise common infrastructure and outreach services to connect with target groups. 2. Delegates - to access information and networks. 3. Organisations - for display areas and to distribute collateral and create awareness among the participants.4. Social tourism as a means for experiential learning and direct engagement.5. Catalogue

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Building partnership with Government and private sector becomes a very critical for any entity to create large scale and sustainable impact. There are a number of platforms that help enterprises with market access and linkages, however most rely on passive forums with little or no proactiveness in assessing needs or mapping resources. Events and other capacity building workshops are held and forgotten in most cases due to the pressures of daily priorities. A continuous engagement and followup is the key differentiator of the RISE forum.

Founding Story

Idobro has organised and participated in over a 100 conferences and we have realised that while substantial resources are used but there is a huge gap in the value that is generated. Specifically there is a need for better interactions and follow up mechanisms that ensure that knowledge is disseminated and applied for long term benefits. There was also a dire need for moving beyond our silos to encourage cross sectoral dialogue. Lastly the cost of outreach is significant so if there was a forum that allowed for common infrastructure and that leveraged shared networks, it would bring down the cost of exploration, discovery and delivery.
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Idobro Circle of Impact
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Idobro Circle of Impact

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, MM, Mumbai

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, MM, Mumbai

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RISE is envisaged as an ongoing forum that will continuously engage with participants to actively map resources and partnerships. Online interactions as well as smaller editions will be organised as follow up to the main event. We also plan to replicate the event on a franchise model so that the theme, format and content can be managed by partners, thus ensuring scale of context and geographic reach. Last but not the least we intend to hold workshops and individual roundtables around the RISE framework to promote the values of R .I ..S.. E for collaborative world that is better and green.

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A knowledge based model is always under threat of me too spin offs. Costs to support professional management of such events while keeping it inclusive so that anyone who wants to attend should be able to do so will be a difficult task, especially when we do not take sponsorship, instead look for partners who will use the event and the forum under a win-win proposition.One of the other problem is attracting a critical mass for meaningful impact. With NO formal agenda or big name speakers, the forum has a distinctive format and content that will take some time to build awareness and credibility

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RISE was possible due to our partnerships with like minded social enterprises as well as experts. Started with TISS as our Knowledge partner and championed RISE 2013. We have corporate partners like Glenmark who commissioned a white paper to be presented at the forum. Similarly Bombay Stock Exchange supported financial roundtable to understand better the needs of women as investors.USAID IHBP , LIC and CHMI were our other financial partners.

Closing the Loop
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Facilitate a conversation that combines wisdom of the crowds with the perspective of experts.

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RISE 2013 allow every participant a voice to actively map resources and partnerships with and within the Development, Corporate and Government sectors through a non-competitive, inclusive and interactive medium (there are no presentations and panels , the design is based on Open source technology) We are also supported by a committee of atleast 3 independent experts per roundtable who will ensure a collective and engaging program that caters to a greater good.

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