There Are Still Hopes

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There Are Still Hopes

Bogor, IndonesiaIndonesia
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Ex-inmates generally rejected and give a negative stigma from community. “There Are Still Hopes” play a role to prepare inmates with entrepreneurial spirit to do veil painting training, personal motivation, and how to sell the product. The end of result will create new jobs.

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About Project

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Ex-inmates in Indonesia which has finished a punishment in a prison they will feel sequestered when they back into community. Communities generally reject and give a negative stigma to them whereas they are also human beings who have chance for a better life. This condition makes them feel eliminated and hard to get a job.

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My propose solution for this problem are come to prison to meet an inmates as a friend to listen to what they feel while they are in prison and challenge them about a second change to get their hope after being released from prison. I am sure they have hope for a better life and be accepted by society, but most of them do not know how. "Are There Still Hope” programs play a role in teaching an inmates how to create a unique vein painting based on theory Differentiation products, Motivating them about leadership and how to sell our product. This activity will deliver the solution to the inmates to get their hopes that they can return to society without any alienation and negative stigma. instead will create jobs that can absorb labor.
Impact: How does it Work

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Increasing competition in the business area allows us to develop our thinking to the opportunities that create a creative business, named veil painting. The increasing communities whose wear a veil mean business veil in Indonesian market become spotlight that the majority of communities are women. Veil is not only be used as a head covering , but can be used as a shawl . Veil painting have a higher price in the market than the plain veil. Our products are expected to have a characteristic which contrasted with other competitors. The painted veil product will be marketed through the bazaar such as when The Prison institution birthday, anniversary events bazaar in Bogor, small and medium entrepreneurship bazaar.

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date? Also describe the projected future impact for the coming years.

Through "Hope There Are Still 'the inmates will get trainning about entrepreneurship and personal motivations such as leadership. At least this activity could be a provision for inmates when they out of the detention period. Knowledge gained from this training can be implemented in the society and useful and also able to gain insight and knowledge to the inmates how to entrepreneurship and will also be implemented in the community. It also would make inmates have strong confidence when returning the society with more creative entrepreneurs in creating new jobs to meet their life. And open view of the general public that it is an ex-con man who has the same rights.

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The increasing communities whose wear a veil mean business veil in Indonesian market become spotlight that the majority of communities are women. Veil is not only be used as a head covering, but can be used as a shawl . Veil painting have a higher price in the market than the plain veil. based on this, makes us confident that we can produce the products that can make a money and profit. Profit will be used to purchase materials for the production

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Implementation of this program will be supported by my uncle as a warden in prison of Bogor. In addition this activity also helps the warden roomates amount of them are far fewer than the inmates. Warden will assist us in teaching about leadership while my team and I will teach how to paint the veil and sharing knowledge about entrepreneurs and how to sell a product. We will selling their produce painted veils through the bazaar which held at city shopping center in Bogor, following the entrepreneurial of small and medium-sized program, open an online shop.

Founding Story

I was born from a father who works as a warden. He knew exactly what kind of violence that happens in prison and a squeeze of pain, shame and fear felt by inmates because of the negative stigma attached to them will continue after they are exit from the prison. Through this program I would like to open up mind that inmates also have the same right to live better and are entitled to their HOPE. The program is simple but I'm sure will provide impact to social, education, human rights, entrepreneurship and personality inmates themselves.
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, JR, Bogor

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