Clunkers for Coasts

Clunkers for Coasts

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We will remove abandoned cars from the sides of the road and develop them into artificial reefs to increase tourism and improve sanitation.

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Jamaica is a poor country and has lots of abandoned cars on the side of the road.

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We want to turn something typically considered trash into a tourist attraction.
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We will remove the cars and prep them to become artificial reefs by draining the fluids and taking out any hazardous materials like the battery. We will then place the reefs in the ocean and turn them into artificial reefs. We hope to provide jobs by training locals to do this themselves.


The land will be cleaner because we will have removed the cars, and tourism will have increased because of the new reefs.

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Community involvement is required for the project to be a success, as well a small amount of initial capital.

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Lack of funding would prevent success. Existing waste regulations might also hinder our progress.

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$50 - 100

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Idea phase

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Less than a year

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After visiting the country of Jamaica, and seeing the state of the living conditions of the people in areas surrounding the major cruise destinations it is clear that there is work that needs to be done. The people are living in poverty and poor sanitary conditions. Their yards and streets are cluttered with abandoned and broken down vehicles, as well as, other large discarded items. It is economically and environmentally beneficial to remove this clutter from the living space of the people. A good option for the removal process may lie in the country’s largest resource, the ocean. Artificial reefs are very useful tools to promote marine life and control beach erosion. Artificial reefs are designed to provide hard surfaces to which algae, barnacles, corals, and oysters attach; the accumulation of attached marine life in turn provides structures and food for a variety of fish. Since Jamaica is constantly being battered by sea waves and heavy rains, beach erosion may be a serious problem. With proper placement of the artificial reefs this problem could be alleviated. They have also been a very successful in creating beautiful tourist attractions in many areas across the Caribbean already. The proximity to the ocean will allow for Jamaicans to aid in the cleaning of their surroundings by turning their large discarded items into artificial reefs, particularly the abandoned cars. Hopefully, this small step will allow for the improvement of the citizens lives.

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We are a group of college students.

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