Strengthening Sustainable Tourism Destination Management in the Dominican Republic

Strengthening Sustainable Tourism Destination Management in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
$250,000 - $500,000
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create a network of 9 tourism clusters in the DR implementing cross cutting thematical activities in: Promotion, Private sector development (SMEs), adaptation to Climate Change, creating added value to protected areas, work force development, Communication and outreach, community integration to the tourism sector, working through public private partenerships and focusing on SMEs and CBO in the whole tourism value chain.

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We are creating a unique brand, as an market access umbrella for all community based tourism enterprises and micro and small tourism business in the Dominican Republic. supported by the nine tourism Cluster in the DR and a network of Touroperators and tour agencies called ATAS (Alianza para el turismo alternativo y sostenible). this will diversify national tourism offering and will give incredible opportunies for otherwise almost unfeasible business. also the donor coordination in this project with USAID, JICA and other cooperation agencies will be important.
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Consorcio Dominicano de Competitividad Turistica, Inc.
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Luis Omar

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Consorcio Dominicano de Competitividad Turistica, Inc.


, DN

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Consorcio Dominicano de Competitividad Turistica, Inc.

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Plaza Central, Ave 27 de Febrero Esq. Ave Winston Churchill

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, DN

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in the last 6 years we have created more than 1,000 new jobs,over 7,000 people trained, most in rural areas, have promoted over US$10 million in new investments, and supportesd over 1,500 SMEs and CBO in developing as business int the tourism sector. we have being the main promoters of responsable tourism and conservation of the cultural and natural resources in each of our destinations with several public private conservation agreements and dozens of enviromental best practicces in the tourism sector.

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Less than $50

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Operating for less than a year

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Consorcio Dominicano de Competitividad Turistica, Inc.

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More than 5 years

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we have focus our work in developing strong ties to public and private stakeholders, as well as, international donors in the DR. most of our activites and proyects are develop in strategic partnership with this institutions.

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The Story
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through out the years several donors have invested with grants in dozens of possible tourism products so communities could improve their live and increas their opportunities, but,becasue of several factors this investmenr weren´t feasible, mainly because lack of market access and capacity wotihin their business structure. this brought to several stakeholders and donors the idea of building a product and service providers network together with touroperators so all together could improve their market acces as well as recieve training and specialized funds to improve their business as small tourism products in the DR

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Consejo Nacional de Competitividad

MIF Opportunity 2010
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we have work with USAID for the last six years, and we have been working with IDB through two government projects and indirectly with two MIF projects. one in Puerto Plata and another in La Romana.

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What problem-area does your project address?

Access to knowledge and training, Access to markets, Access to financing.

How will your project address this problem?

currently our organization has cooperative agreements with several universities and public institutions for specific trainings and research initiaves in the tourism sector which will be continued through this program to adress several limitations assessed during the last two years. we will also work with an established Tour operators network to improve market access to all CBO and SMEs involves in the project, as well as, provide counterpart funding to market and promote the tourism products to be developed

Who is benefited by the initiative? (Please highlight the type and number of beneficiaries, and their role in the tourism value-chain.)

we expected to benefit over direclty 500 SME in the tourism value chain and over 3.000 low income people, mainly in rural areas which will provide services or products (handicrafts) within the network members. we'll create at least 1,000 direct jobs and leverage over 2US$ million in direct investment from local stakeholder and other donors. this figur could increase in the final proposal.

How will the project's results assist the region’s tourism sector and micro, small and medium-sized enterprises?

One of the greatest challenges that small and medium-sized tourism enterprises face is how to link their products to national and international markets. Unfortunately, many of these businesses fail
for one or all of the following reasons:
• They lack the capital required to pay for registration fees and legal services required to sell tourism products, as well as money for marketing materials and mechanisms such as websites, print promotion, and advertisements – which are essential to promote their products
• They lack the training to deliver high quality, multi-lingual customer services and sales support
• They lack the technology such as web-based communication, reservation, and payment systems
• The lack the knowledge of how to introduce their products to the worldwide network of tour operators, wholesalers, tourism media outlets, travel writers, and online travel sites Many of the tourism enterprises being supported and developed through the Dominican Sustainable Tourism Network (DSTA) Innovation and Fondos Destinos grant programs, as well as enterprises within the clusters themselves, will face these same challenges. And the challenges are real…one does not need to look beyond the Caribbean region, nor the DR itself, to find tourism project after
tourism project that has failed due to an inability to link their products to national and international markets.
To help to address these ubiquitous needs, the project will establish a sales and marketing network, tentatively named “Dominican
Treasures”, that will help to promote and sell the unique tourism products offered by the Dominican clusters. they will offer the following demand-driven travel-related products and services:
o Individual network member tours that primarily target Free and Independent Travelers (FITs)
o Package network member tours that combine a number of destinations into single and multi-day itineraries
o A sustainable certification program that assesses and recognizes Dominican tourism providers and destinations that meet certain quality, social, and environmental criteria

A. Total Budget (100%)


B. MIF Contribution (up to 50% of total budget and US$. 500.000 max)


C. Cash co-financing (at least 25% of total budget)


D. In kind co-financing (at least 25% of total budget)