Making More Health Supports 14 of the the World's Leading Social Entrepreneurs

Boehringer Ingelheim and Ashoka have selected 14 Making More Health Fellows! Ranging from fields of mental health to broadening access to disabled and deaf citizens, these 14 Fellows are truly changing the field of health across sectors and geographical borders.

The 14 Fellows include:

- Guillaume Bapst, created a network of solidarity grocery stores to deliver food to the poor in France

- Rebecca Onie, building a new generation of public health leaders by training students to liaison between health stakeholders

- Luh Ketut Suryani, spreading a community model to bring mental health to a variety of populations in Indonesia

- Frank Hoffman, pioneering a low-cost breast examination method by training blind people as skilled diagnosticians

- Gerald Koller, reducing addiction through responsible decision-making for risky behavior

- Maria Ana Angeleri, attacking child obesity through prevention and building healthy habits from childhood

- Claus Gollmann, improving the quality of care for abused children by integrating all stakeholders to work together

- Michaela Nachtrab, granting full citizenship to deaf and hard of hearing by creating community and broadening access

- Jordi Marti, enabling affordable detection of infectious and non-communicable diseases in disadvantaged communities

- Josh Nesbit, creating connected and coordinated rural health care systems by reinventing the role of the community health worker

- Mia Sutanto, improving nutrition through breast feeding awareness

- Phil Conway, revitalizing treatment of disabled children by personalizing care based on individual need

- Krystian Fikert, accelerating access and availability of care to address mental health

- Vandana Gopikumar, using a community care approach to develop treatment and rehabilitation strategies for mentally ill homeless women.