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Placing in the political and social agenda, the problem of children’s sexual exploitation

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Civil society

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Which of these barriers is the primary focus of your work?

Vulnerability of targeted populations

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Mobilize peer groups and communities to raise awareness

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What is your signature innovation, your new idea, in one sentence?

Placing in the political and social agenda, the problem of children’s sexual exploitation

Describe your innovation. What makes your idea unique and different than others doing work in the field?

The social Movement is a national and international referent in political and social incidence. This fact permits a national socialization of strategies through civil society organizations, focused on processes of sensibilization and trainings regarding prevention and denouncement.

Delivery Model: How do you implement your innovation and apply it to the challenge/problem you are addressing?

The Campaign on prevention and denouncement intends to be carried out nationally in order to sensibilize society on the risks of children and adolescent’s abuse and sexual and commercial exploitation, in social mass media.

How do you plan to grow your innovation?

With the support and joint responsibility of the local social organizations in order to continue promoting prevention and denouncement, as well as placing posters in strategic public places.

Do you have any existing partnerships, and if so, how do you create them?

The Social Movement articulates 82 organizations that keep on joining the cause because they consider its incidence to be of great importance. Other strategic sectors are also the Movement’s table of consensus -where the countries main churches are represented-, the consultative council - personalities of the country that are outstanding for their personal and professional testimonies -, as well as other sectors that are not members, but support the Movement´s actions such as peasants, the religious community, women and students. Created on behalf of a need to contribute to the construction of a true democracy where the rights of children and adolescents are recognized. Organizations such as UNICEF, CORDAID, Terre Des Hommes and Diakonia support the Social Movement. The organization is member of the Latin American and Caribbean network for the defense of the rights of children and adolescents, lead by the Organization “Gurises Unidos”.

Provide one sentence describing your impact/intended impact.

Global diffusion of the problem of human traffic, providing information regarding where to denounce specific cases

What are the main barriers to creating or achieving your impact?

Poor financial and human resources for implementing a national campaign

How many people have you served or plan to serve?

More than 51% of Guatemala’s population is under aged





Please list any other measures of the impact of your innovation?

-Participation of the organizations undertaking the problem of human traffic in mass media, for the Campaign’s diffusion
-Diffusion of the Campaign in mass media
-Government and civil society Institutions that work with childhood and adolescence, interested in participating in the campaign.
- A new law initiative analyzed and presented before the National Congress, regarding the problems of human traffic.

Is there a policy intervention element to your innovation?

The Social Movement has intervened in childhood and adolescence public policies, and specifically in the special protection policy.

Exactly who are the beneficiaries of your innovation?

Children and adolescents who are at risk of being trafficked for sexual exploitation.

How is your initiative financed (or how do you expect your initiative will be financed)?

Approximate annual Budget 1,000.000,00 according to the support of volunteer organizations (Current change is $7.30).
- 6 full-time volunteers
- members of the organizations that are involved in the working commissions of the Movement.

If known, provide information on your finances and organization

Current change is of $ 7,30
AREA OR ACTIVITY - Budget in $ of the Campaign’s Coordinator $ 822,00
Meeting with mass media $ 667,00
Elaboration and impression of Posters (500) $ 1.370,00
Elaboration of the Campaign’s Strategy $ 411,00
Administrative Expenses of the Social Movement:
Office material, photocopies, transportation costs, telephone costs. $ 1.370,00
Total $ 5.000,00

What is the potential demand for your innovation?

Raising awareness in Guatemala’s population so that they are able to denounce specific cases of children who are abused and sexually commercially exploited, and informing adults who carry out these practices with children, of the crime they are committing.

What are the main barriers to financial sustainability?

Poor financial and technical support on behalf of cooperating organizations, in order to continue the monitoring and training process.

The Story
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One of the main problems that affect Guatemala, as well as other Central American countries, is the practice of adults who obtain economic benefits by sexually commercially exploiting children and adolescents. This socioeconomic problem, that increases the vulnerability of children and adolescents towards commercial sexual exploitation, is added to social violence and gender violence (product of social injustice), as well as breeding conducts, causing children to leave their homes to live in the streets

Adolescents, who get involved in gangs, usually suffer sexual and physical aggressions that may lead to homicide. A great part of them (the majority between 12 and 14 years old), are often obliged to maintain sexual relations with members of the group, for protection. The sexual exploitation of children and adolescents, has greater incidence in the interior of the republic, the capital, frontier areas, ports, beaches and other tourist places

Prevention of children and adolescent’s commercial sexual exploitation, implies that they may be incorporated as legal subjects within a State, therefore obtaining access to an assembly of human rights, internationally recognized.

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The Social Movement articulates 82 organizations that permanently participate, and more than 100 organizations that form a great alliance between the childhood and youth sectors as well as other civil society sectors, such as representatives of peasants, natives, religious communities, women and students, who develop permanent processes of analysis on the responsibilities of the State and Civil Society

Emphasis of Work

Prevención, Protección y Denuncia