Empowering Cybernetic Codevelopment with Africa

Empowering Cybernetic Codevelopment with Africa

Project Summary
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Concise Summary: Help us pitch this solution! Provide an explanation within 3-4 short sentences.

The patern is the Integral Operative System (SOI): a virtual community of complementary organizations to co-develop cybernetic clusters of Venture Capital against poverty.

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Civil society

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Positioning of your initiative on the mosaic diagram
Which of these barriers is the primary focus of your work?

Inadequate govt response/action

Which of the principles is the primary focus of your work?

Mobilize peer groups and communities to raise awareness

If you believe some other barrier or principle should be included in the mosaic, please describe it and how it would affect the positioning of your initiative in the mosaic

International Cooperation & Fair Tourism have very similar activities with common objectives, but still considerated as separate &/or competitive fields: this is a big mistake. Both sectors are looking for sustainability, have intercultural, transversal & deep social caracteristics. It's time to bring real synergy between both activities, in order to make it one.

What is your signature innovation, your new idea, in one sentence?

The patern is the Integral Operative System (SOI): a virtual community of complementary organizations to co-develop cybernetic clusters of Venture Capital against poverty.

Describe your innovation. What makes your idea unique and different than others doing work in the field?

My innovation pretends to empower International Cooperation trough Cybernetics (2.0) & High Working Performance Systems (integrating people, information, work & technology in an organizational/social global project)

Delivery Model: How do you implement your innovation and apply it to the challenge/problem you are addressing?

3 days of conference/workshops are enough to get the SOI Administrators trained & the SOI policies adapted. Permanent training & evoluting online, exemple: Silicone Valley. Caution: the net is the net, the ground is the ground...

How do you plan to grow your innovation?

Making a cybernetic use of socioeconomic powerful tools against poverty:
- International cooperation, global conscience.
- “New” tourisms: ecotourism, cultural tourism, scientific tourism, cooperation tourism, business tourism, venture tourism, outdoor & gliding sports tourism, ethical & fair tourism.
- Internet 2.0 & Cybernetics: integrating people, information, work & technology (intercultural, transversal & permanent feedback).
- High Performance Working Systems & Creative Management (Harvard, MIT)
- Public Relations & Marketing 2.0.

Do you have any existing partnerships, and if so, how do you create them?

Partnership with Oceanium (NGO, Dakar): www.oceanium.org ; Ibrahima Diouf, Ministry of Tourism Ecotourism advisor (I worked with them).
Zahid Torres Rahman: www.businessfightspoverty.org ; Karsten Weitzenegger: www.weitzenegger.de ; Edu William: www.destinum.com (Networking partners, increasing everyday...)

Provide one sentence describing your impact/intended impact.

Increasing flows of specific, complementary & up-to-date information among a powerful cluster of development organizations & populations, in order to promote transversal feedbacks & knowledge transference, synergies & all-round pertinent creativity.

What are the main barriers to creating or achieving your impact?

Old growning companies, establishment, burocratic thinking.
Digital gap in Africa (it's about jumping it)

How many people have you served or plan to serve?

Up to here, 1.000 people have seen my plans on www.conectafrica.wordpress.com.
I plan to serve an exponential population trough Networks, from local NGOs to tourist guides, travel agencies, GOs...


Training of the SOI Administrators (30 selected people at each session: conference + workshops + online)


Exponencial, depending of the social networks of the Administrators (matematically: from 5.000 to 10.000.000 co-workers for each SOI)
Benefited population: ?

Please list any other measures of the impact of your innovation?

Available Online, 24h, 365 d/y

Is there a policy intervention element to your innovation?

In the line of Ashoka I think: Open Networks & free knowledge transference. SHARE vs COMPETE, Community vs Individual, Transparency vs Burocracy... Education is the key.

Exactly who are the beneficiaries of your innovation?

We think = Mass Innovation
We help = Mass Cooperation
We improve = Codevelopment
"Social software 2.0": global impacts

How is your initiative financed (or how do you expect your initiative will be financed)?

"Bloggs? Don't you have anything serious to do?" is the moto...

If known, provide information on your finances and organization

I wish

What is the potential demand for your innovation?

2.0 fenomenon is going through the hole society, by order of digitalization. Computers/connection prices going down, Wifi, optical fiber... Exponencial demand.

What are the main barriers to financial sustainability?

None, nearly everything is free, people too... Administrators can get paid with adds on the Blog.

The Story
What is the origin of this innovation? Tell us your story.

This is a stand alone initiative, based on 8 years of PhD Investigation: "Tourism: Passport to development? The role of Human Ressource during the trip". I decided to create www.conectafrica.wordpress.com within the framework of a cooperation plan between the Canary Islands Government & the Ministry of Tourism of Senegal: “Occupational Training Needs for Senegalese Ecotourism”, identifiying strategic objectives with important projections. The next phase of the project is planned for... 2056, I guess... After 10 years working on the ground of Ecotourism & Cooperation, I got really tired of burocracy nonsense, wich is actually driving NGOs, GOs & investors to compete for ressources, information, knowledge, instead of sharing. I think it's time to forget, step by step, the pyramidal organization of society, since we have a democratic & pacific tool to do it: Blogs & Networks.

Please provide a personal bio. Note this may be used in Changemakers marketing material

PhD Investigator at ULPGC: "Tourism: Passport to development? The role of Human Ressource during the trip". Venture capital & Ecotourism expert, Outdoor sports guide & reporter, social entrepreneur: www.conectafrica.wordpress.com

Emphasis of Work

I+D+i in "Social software": Open Networks & self sharing: at your own risks... Heavy etical foreground, education is the key, Ashoka knows this.