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A video game attachment for a stationary bike that requires kid to peddle the bike to generate electricity for the game to work.

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Which of these barriers is the primary focus of your work?

Insufficient Evidence that Games Improve Health

Which of the principles is the primary focus of your work?

Physical Health

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What is your signature innovation in one sentence?

A video game attachment for a stationary bike that requires kid to peddle the bike to generate electricity for the game to work.

Describe your innovation. What makes your idea unique and different than others doing work in the field?

This bike is a familiar fun apparatus that all children are acqainted with and add the modern day craze for video games and you have captured the interest of all children.

What barriers exist that are creating the problem your innovation is hoping to address/change?

Sedintary lifestyle which present day video craze perpetuates alone.

Delivery Model: How do you implement your innovation and apply it to the challenge/problem you are addressing.

By adding perpetual motion that must be applied to make the video game work.

How do you plan to scale your innovation?

Scale to accomodate children's size throughout growth cycle. Our innovation will incorporate educational video games as well as standard games.

Provide one sentence describing your impact.

Most effective.

What impact has your innovation had to date? Exactly who are the beneficiaries of your innovation?

At this point we have had to use stationary bikes that are on the market and small children are unable to use them. So children from age 8 and up are able to ride the bikes and they work very well. However, we have other interactive video apparatus for children from 3 to 7 that requires perpetual motion.

How many people have you served directly?

Only 5 people have regularly used the bikes at least 30 - 45 minutes three times per week with spectacular results.

How many people have you served indirectly?

Only the above mentioned 5.

Please list any other measures reflective of the impact of your innovation

We have a professional & nutritional counselor for the children involved in conjunction with the exercise. We are a funded FQHC & Migrant health center. Since we provide healthcare to the Migrants the farmers in the area have agreed to provide fresh fruits and vegetables for our obesity program. TMC has agreements with LSU Ag.Center for dietary, Pennington Research Center to research genetic factors and Dr. Berenson of the Bogalusa Heart Study, that followed black & white children for 30 years.

What are the main barriers to creating your impact?

The children love using the video game bike and we have transportation to pick them up from school for the exercise component if we did not have transportation this could be a problem.

How is your initiative financed?

We have a HRSA Grant to combat childhood obesity.

Provide information on your finances and organization: annual budget, annual revenue, number of staff:

We have HRSA Grants-330e, g. A grant to combat childhood obesity and the 340b drug pricing grant that allows TMC to purchase medication at a low cost that can be passed on to our target population.
TMC is also the recipient of HRSA grant to confront the epidemic of childhood obesity, and engage it in a manner that is certain to produce positive outcomes. Details of grants are as the following: HRSA 330e & g($650,000), HRSA Childhood Obesity($410,700), March of Dimes($209,000) plus a fully equipped Mobile Health Unit.
We have between 25 - 30 full-time Staff members.

What is the potential demand for your innovation?

I forsee a huge demand, video attachment could be marketed through places like Walmart, Kmart, Target and the internet, etc. As part of TMC's childhood obesity program we will establish an arcade "The Transformation Arcade" that will be equipped with our exercise bike attachment and other video game consoles that require perpetual movement. An effort will be made to franchise this idea.

What are the main barriers to financial sustainability?

I really don't see any at this point.

The Story
What is the origin of this innovation? Tell us your story.

I am the CEO of a Federally Qualified Health Center and our target population happens to be predominantly minorities(African Americans and Migrant Farmworkers) that have unhealthy diets coupled with seditary lifestyles. I would like to create an affordable piece of exercise equipment that they would enjoy using while shedding pounds that are drawing these children into dangerous disease processes such as type II diabetes, hypertension and cardiac problems

Please provide a personal bio. Note this may be used in Changemakers marketing material

Born in Brookhaven, Mississippi, May 18,1948. Moved to Paducah, Kentucky at the age of eight. Attended Northside Elementary School, Walter Jetton Jr. High and graduated from Tilghman High School. After High School moved back to Brookhaven and worked as a nurses aid while attending Copiah Lincon Jr College, located in Wesson, Ms., to become a Licensed Practical Nurse. Worked as a L.P.N. while attending Whittworth College, located in Brookhaven, MS taking prerequisites to attend the B.S. N. program at The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg.

Graduated 1975 from U.S.M. Returned to Bookhaven and became the first African American to hold a Director of Nursing position at Silver Cross Senior Living Center. While working as Director of Nursing returned to Whittworth College earn a Masters in Health Care Administration.

In the fall of 1981 join the Navy Nurse Corps as a Lieutenant, serving eight years active duty and
five years in the Navy Reserve as a Lieutenant Commander. After leaving the Navy, continued to work as a Registered Nurse in an administrative capacity while attending Loyola School of Law in New Orleans, La., graduating in 1996. While waiting to take the Bar Exam, I started a Kidmed Clinic in Ponchatoula, La. as the C.E.O. From this humble beginning The Multipractice Clinic, now located in Independence, La. evolved in to a full service healthcare facility. The status of the Clinic evolved from a Kidmed Clinic in 1997 to a Rural Health Clinic in 1999 to a Federally Qualified Health Care Center Look-A-Like in 2006. We are now awaiting the results of a 330 grant that will again change the status of the Clinic to a fully funded FQHC.

Under my direction as C.E.O. the Clinic provides the following services: Primary healthcare, mental healthcare, and dental healthcare. The professional staff consist of: Pediatrician, Internal Medicine Physician, Family Practice Nurse Practitioner who collaborates with a Family Practice Physician, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner who collaborates with a Psychiatrist (M.D.), Licensed Certified Social Worker, Podiatrist, Dentist, PhD Nautropathy & C.N.C., Licensed Practical Nurse and Medical Assistants. The Clinic also has collaborative agreements with, an Optometrist, Retinal Specialist, Louisiana State University Dental School and Xavier University School of Pharmacy. The Multipractice Clinic is the only healthcare facility in Region 9 to provide a dependable source of transportation to our patient population.

How did you hear about this contest and what is your main incentive to participate? (this is confidential)

The internet