XaviXPORT System – Interactive TV System Focused on Sports, Fitness, Education, and Health to Enrich Lifestyles

XaviXPORT System – Interactive TV System Focused on Sports, Fitness, Education, and Health to Enrich Lifestyles

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The XaviXPORT System is a Lifestyle System that is comprised of the XaviXPORT Console, Wireless Human Interface Devices & Cartridge based Applications

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The XaviXPORT System is a Lifestyle System that is comprised of the XaviXPORT Console, Wireless Human Interface Devices & Cartridge based Applications

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SSD continually searches for ways to engage people to be more Active while having fun. Physically Active, Mentally Active, and Socially Active. The XaviXPORT System was brought to Market in the Fall of 2004 as this all-encompassing active engagement tool. Cartridge based Applications developed for the XaviXPORT include Sports like Baseball and Tennis, Fitness such as an Aerobics Mat co-developed with Jackie Chan, and Health, the XaviX Lifestyle Manager, which has helped many to better manager their Lifestyles and lose weight in the process. The XaviXPORT never has to be upgraded because the core technology is embedded in each Application Cartridge. Each Application includes a unique and real wireless human interface device that allows for building of real world skills and working out with your body’s natural movements. Applications for the XaviXPORT System are created, supervised, endorsed and/or inspired by professionals, athletes, MDs and Ph.D.s, trainers, and other experts.

What barriers exist that are creating the problem your innovation is hoping to address/change?

Our wish and ultimate mission is to bring health and happiness to people through the XaviXPORT System. The XaviXPORT System was launched in the Fall of 2004 at a time when many people could not embrace that our interactive system can truly help improve multiple facets of everyone’s life from young to old and male to female. This has been changing gradually over the past few years, but I think this is still our greatest barrier: Perception of what the XaviXPORT System is and what it is not.

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SSD is an R&D-driven company. We are the owners of numerous technology patents and intellectual property rights. The XaviXPORT System has been designed to bring enjoyment, but more importantly to teach, to build skills and abilities, to improve health and to enhance lives. All of the Applications for the XaviXPORT System are developed with the support of Doctors, Trainers, and Industry Experts. Many of our current and future Applications are designed under the Supervision of Professor Yutaka Kimura, M.D., Ph.D., Cardiologist, Kansai Medical University. We are working on several Active Learning Applications with a prominent Japanese Neurologist, and we have developed other Applications with other Japanese Doctors and Trainers. SSD also works with Doctors, Trainers, and Industry Experts in the USA and at least one of our friends has submitted an entry to this competition. We will continue to build technology in-house and work with experts in their respective fields.

How do you plan to scale your innovation?

SSD designed the XaviXPORT System for the future, not just for today. We have done this in two ways. To begin with the single-chip microprocessor (named XaviX, designed and patented by SSD), memory and other key human interface technologies are contained within the Application Cartridges that come with the various Sports, Health, and Fitness Applications. As we develop next generation processors, need to add specific sensors to address natural movement, or implement additional technologies, we add these to the Application Cartridges, which are all compatible with the existing XaviXPORT. Secondly, we designed a proprietary expansion jack on the side of the XaviXPORT to support future development such as access to the internet.

Provide one sentence describing your impact.

We have activated people to maintain or improve health and well-being and build real world skills, while having fun individually or as a group.

What impact has your innovation had to date? Exactly who are the beneficiaries of your innovation?

We have helped people learn, get healthy, lose weight, socialize, improve their real world sports skills and overall abilities, and ultimately -- smile. The XaviXPORT System is used in Schools, Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCA’s, Gyms, Hospitals, Senior Centers, and in homes by men, women, and children of all ages.

How many people have you served directly?

This is difficult to say since the XaviXPORT System has been in the Market since late 2004 and is being used not only in homes by families, but also in Schools, YMCAs, Boys and Girls Clubs and other places where numerous people have a chance for direct contact. I think a safe answer is hundreds of thousands.

How many people have you served indirectly?

Through our various business activities I believe we have indirectly served millions of people.

Please list any other measures reflective of the impact of your innovation

Dr. Kimura has this to say: “XaviX Applications allow users to exercise all the muscles of the body, burn calories & fat efficiently, as well as can help prevent diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipemia and obesity. By exercising with XaviX Applications users’ hearing & visual senses are stimulated, thereby revitalizing motor nerves in the cerebrum to improve exercise abilities & reflexes. I recommend XaviX Applications for everyone as a way to stay fit & be healthy, & have fun in the process.”

What are the main barriers to creating your impact?

Distribution Channels and Awareness for the XaviXPORT System are among our biggest barriers to creating a bigger impact.

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What is the potential demand for your innovation?

The potential demand is limitless as the XaviXPORT System has been designed for all ages with varying levels of interests, skills and abilities.

What are the main barriers to financial sustainability?

The main barriers include exposure and awareness of the XaviXPORT System’s existence, benefits, features and concept.

The Story
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SSD COMPANY LIMITED was founded in 1995 with a vision of bringing innovative or "new-generation" products into the world. Our company name "Shinsedai," in fact, means "new generation." There are 3 main Governing policies for us as a Company:
1. Bring Happiness to People through the development of products that contribute to sustained or improved quality of life.
2. Give back to Society in such a way that SSD contributes to human evolution.
3. Change the way People think by proving the unthinkable is doable through our Technology.
The XaviXPORT System was created in 2003 as a way to contribute to society through innovative, “new-generation" technology to deliver enrichment, enjoyment and social interaction to people worldwide.

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Peter Newman is the G.M. for SSD COMPANY LIMITED, USA. Since 2005 Peter has worked with Schools to implement XaviX Technology in P.E. Programs and has been speaking on XaviX and 21st Century Youth Fitness, XaviX as a means to fight Obesity, and XaviX Applications for the Aged at various Conferences, Schools, and Events. Peter/SSD is a member of the National Association for Health and Fitness, IDEA, and the SGMA. Peter is actively involved in the development and testing of XaviX Applications.

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From the National Association for Health and Fitness.