STOP - (Stop Trafficking and Oppression of children & women)

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STOP - (Stop Trafficking and Oppression of children & women)

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Vulnerability of High-Risk Populations


Creating Value-Driven Communities

Yes, we think Direct Action in terms of community awareness and post recovery situation should be included in the mosaic.


This is an innovative strategy according to us because only a very few organizations took up the curative aspect in trafficking. STOP is using the curative strategy in a rights based multi pronged holistic approach. In the curative aspect, we focus recovery, followed by legal proceedings against the perpetrators and providing legal redress for trafficked survivors, restoration/repatriation, rehabilitation and reintegration. The curative aspect works as a deterrent factor in combating trafficking. The methodology of the whole aspect and the follow up action of the cases is an innovation in itself.


Our activity, that is the curative and preventive approach have a lot of potential in creating a systematic change at the national and regional level because first and for most we identify the loopholes and then carry forward with our plan in the high risk, destination and transit points. We address the roots of the problem and work with different stakeholders involved in the issue of trafficking. This process involves networking and working in partnership in different regions with all the stakeholders. Our experiences are taken as best practices models and replicated, bringing about systematic national and regional level change.

Tipping Point:

We believe that our strategy slowly but steadily is reaching a tipping point where the scenario of human trafficking would fundamentally change. Most importantly, the beneficiaries, that is the recovered girls today are themselves becoming the agents of change. Today they are empowered and working towards empowerment of other such girls. The girls affected are themselves the change makers today. This is the greatest achievement of STOP and empowerment in the true sense of the term. The challenge that we are facing in reaching the tipping point is the lack of resources, which also results in the high staff turn over. We train people but if they are offered better package monetarily anywhere else, they leave. This is one major impediment,


Our best practices are being documented and they are replicated in our other operational strategies. We also share our experiences in various meetings and workshops with other stakeholders so that they can replicate the same, as suitable in their future plans and strategies.


So far, our efforts and our activity have been showing results. The most important achievement as mentioned earlier is that the beneficiaries have themselves become the change makers today. The survivor girls are empowered and today they are leading our rescue operations along with other activities. In the communities where we are working, we have successfully developed a community vigilant group who directly take care of the rescue and awareness generation in the communities. Though the sustainability is still at a nascent stage, it needs persistent refuelling and infrastructural development.

Organization Size:

1) 6 volunteers and increases from time to time. 2) 30 employees. 3) 8 part- time employees.