“Aasara ke Taare - Zameen Par”

“Aasara ke Taare - Zameen Par”

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To bring meaning into the lives of street children through Animation of Sustainable need based services that empowers them to be self reliant & productive citizens of our society.

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Describe your program or new idea in one sentence.

To bring meaning into the lives of street children through Animation of Sustainable need based services that empowers them to be self reliant & productive citizens of our society.

What makes your initiative uniquely positioned to create change in your community?

Dealing with urban poorest of the poor & migrant, mainstreaming and empowering through education, knowledge of their rights and exposure of their inherent talents. Believing that every child in this community of street children and child Laborers, have got potential which only needs space and opportunity to exhibit the same, which AASARA tries to create. Initiating children to be future entrepreneur by incorporating basic vocational skills at every level in the educational program. … incorporating basic vocational skills at every level in the educational program.

The biggest challenge to our success is awareness of marginalized children’s issues to General Public. To eradicate issues like Child Labour in the form of child beggar’s and children addicted to cheap and easy forms of intoxication. Also implementing various laws and amendment of certain laws as per the present scenario. Linking up with other organizations, forums to bring about social change in children, in systems and various legal bodies. Holding resourceful and innovative and committed staff in the given stipulated budget.

Describe how you organize and carry out your work?

Each project and unit attached to the program is quite independent with regards to the daily program and have got its own aims in keeping the vision of the organization with the trained staff. These unit / project which are headed by qualified staff, are accountable to the management comprising of Managing Trustee, Executive Director, monitoring committee. A yearly plan of each unit approved by the management is followed on a monthly basis, with a separate monthly plan, and this is monitored in the form of daily report, spot checks, scheduled visits, reports and documentation are made not only by the organizational staff but also by funding partners. Staff development and knowledge capacity is built by various meeting and workshop by professional by the target group. The administration is centrally administered at the Head Office. The projects / programs conducted are outreach, 3 Day Care Center’s, 2 Crisis shelters, 12 educational classes, 3 Childline helpline schemes, child foster care scheme, awareness and prevention programs.

What is your plan to scale and expand your innovation into your community and beyond?

1. Reaching out to as many children creating groups and imparting Non Forma Education to children having no forms of education and mainstreaming dropout children back to school.
2. Opening up of Crisis shelters for children at risk on a short term basis establishing them mentally and physically and reintegrating them back to the family or community or referring them to appropriate institute.
Opening up of vocational training centers with the idea of making them successful entrepreneur.
3. Creating a forum of NGO’s in our district to tackle various issues like child trafficking / child labour / education and health. Also linking the forum with state and allied systems for mass awareness and total eradication of issue by creating self sustainable region in the district. This being successful AASARA plans to take to the State and National Level.

What other resources, institutional, or policy needs would be necessary to help sustain and scale up your idea?

a) Monitory Aid.
b) People’s involvement.
c) Effective Networking.

Describe your impact in one sentence, commenting on both the individual and community levels.

Putting prospective of child right into action and empowering children at risk to help them change their lives.

What impact has your work achieved to date?

Education – 483
Nutrition - 480
Medical Aid - 1042
Repatriation - 80
Vocational Training - 126
Recreation - 162
Rescue - 1500
Savings - 165 from Rs.200/- to Rs. 3365/-
Referral & Rehabilitation - 60

Number of individuals served
Community impact
Society at large
What measure do you use to gauge your impact and why?

Proper follow-up of the children’s education who are admitted in school, admitted in hospital etc., Visitor’s comments, Partner’s report, Beneficiary follow up.
To know the success of the program so the children are benefited in a proper way.

How is your initiative currently being financed and how would you finance further expansion and/or replication?

Newly formed Private trust from Europe, Child Sponsorship Program, Funding Aid from Government Project through specific issue and funding partner of the same.
Ans. Further expansion depending on future program by the funding partners.

Provide information on your current finances and organization:

• Annual budget: Rupees 63,00,000/-
• Annual revenue – Rupees 50,00,000/-
• Sources of revenue: Government Sector, Private Sector, Funding Partner’s, Social Service Groups & Bank Interest.
• Number of staff: 44 full-time, 26 part-time, 20 volunteers

Who are your potential partners and allies?

Aasara Spain
Mahesh Tutorial Charitable Trust
Disha Foundation
Capita Offshore Pvt. Ltd.

Who are your potential investors?

Not Applicable

The Story
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Every mighty work has a humble beginning. Aasara hasn’t been anything different from it. The people of Thane collaborated with Aasara’s vision - mission and thus was born Aasara on the November 30th, 1993. From then on Aasara has been focusing on the Holistic values of Street children, child labour. Aasara is now in the 14th year of its activities of bringing meaning in the lives of street children through animation of sustainable need based service that empowers them to be self reliant and productive citizens of our society.

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