Desporto Infantil para Reinserção Social, Desenvolvimento e Segurança Publica

Desporto Infantil para Reinserção Social, Desenvolvimento e Segurança Publica

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My program introduces a new concept of social reintegration, development and public security. By practicing sports, marginalized infants and youths conceive the essence of the importance and need of spiritual, psychological, and physical development in a collective and individual manner and prevented future crime in the community.

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My program introduces a new concept of social reintegration, development and public security. By practicing sports, marginalized infants and youths conceive the essence of the importance and need of spiritual, psychological, and physical development in a collective and individual manner and prevented future crime in the community.

What makes your initiative uniquely positioned to create change in your community?

The reintegration of former child soldiers and others marginalized youths through Soccer in the communities, became authentic innovation, compared to other initiatives, because nobody thought before, that the soccer could be important in the Mozambican communities to the point of resolving problems of social reintegration, development, prevention and crime battle.

Fundamentally, because the plan was greeted by the local communities and by the Government of Mozambique that integrated many of those infants and youths in the program of the national children Soccer and invited more institutions to follow the example of the FOMICRES. Around 300 infants and youths benefit from this project, some of them having already soccer contracts with official clubs. The soccer is accessible, worshiped by the youths and infants and it is practiced with less investments in the communities.

The big difficulties for the expansion and development of the Project, are related to the lack of sporting infrastructures in the communities (soccer fields) and logistic (sporting equipment and transportation for teams in inter-communities competitions). There are many youths, of both the sexes, partcipating in the program, but difficulties mentioned limit us.

Describe how you organize and carry out your work?

The sporting exchanges and small world cups always have some MOTTO, such as: "for the social reintegration and development of children and youth", or "for a Community without marginalized children and youth", or “for a Dependable Community without violence" or "For a Mozambique without more war", among others. The work of the FOMICRES is developed in a participatory system of communities where the abandoned children are inserted, with the strong participation community leaders and other organizations.

We do a mapping in the communities with an aim to identify the marginalized infants and youths and we present our methodology of social reintegration, development and public security, through the prevention future crime in the communities to the community leaders. We also have three tiers agreements (community leaders– own or adopted Family– FOMICRES) to seek responsibility and support in the long process of reintegration, development of the sporting character of the infant and youth, with clear calendars for monitoring and community evaluation.

What is your plan to scale and expand your innovation into your community and beyond?

The satisfaction of the infants and Youths through this methodology of reintegration, development and prevention of the Crime, constitute the fundamental goal, to which inspires our planning to grow. At the moment, we plan until 2014, organizing Small world cups with the clubs of these communities in parallel to the real World Cups of 2010 in South Africa and 2014 probably in Brazil. We will be approaching some of the countries qualified for the real World Cup, with an aim to finance these competitions, just as we did in 2005 with the diplomatic representations accredited in Mozambique. Also we are going to expand the project for the City of the Beira (2nd biggest city of Mozambique).

What other resources, institutional, or policy needs would be necessary to help sustain and scale up your idea?

Others resources, institutions or politics would be of necessary fact, in the following sense: have national policies of children social reintegration and youth sport accompanied by government Institutions to collaborate.

Describe your impact in one sentence, commenting on both the individual and community levels.

The children and youth show significant changes already developing sports comradery, and discovering the value of youth union, they exchange ideas about the life of their community and how to improve the their social status using the local sporting skills. Some of them dream about playing for big international clubs and work seriously for achieve their dreams. In 2006, the youths were more satisfied, when the assistant coach of the Manchester United, the Mozambican Carlos Queirós, watched some games of the Infants and said that they presented good skills, and could aspire playing in big clubs in the future.

What impact has your work achieved to date?

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Number of individuals served

300 Infants and Youths benefit from this methodology of reintegration, development and prevention of Crime in 12 communities of the City of Maputo, including trainers and coachs of the community clubs.

Community impact

Marginalized infants and youths, derelict, orphans constitute our target group and consequently direct beneficiaries of the Project.

Society at large

Around 28,000 resident of the 12 communities where the teams were established. Besides, these are long term benefits for the abandonment of these infants and young to criminal behaviors today and in the future.

What measure do you use to gauge your impact and why?

The methodology that use for measure the impact follows two roads: Medicao Collective and Individual measuring

Collective measurement: it is carried out every six months with community meetings to evaluate the impact of the sport program , where several members of the Community participate including those who share responsibility in the accompaniment of the Youths and we discuss the impact and results of the Program.

Individual measurement – involves a written questionnaire to the members of the communities individually and the Youths of the program about the impact and results of the sports program Sport in their life.

How is your initiative currently being financed and how would you finance further expansion and/or replication?

The project has experienced financial difficulties, during the break of a World Cup to another. However, it has had more support during the small world cups, given that these happen in parallel to the real World Cup, representing the qualified Countries, During the las small world cup, the United States of the America, Spain, Germany, Swiss, Japan, Holland, Italy, England, Angola and France financed the small World cup of the Clubs from the communities organized by the FOMICRES and partners.

Provide information on your current finances and organization:

Annual budget: USD 24,000 ratio of USD 2000 by Community
Number of employees: 3 full time, 2 part-time, 8 volunteers

Who are your potential partners and allies?

AAMA (Association of Friendship Mozambique – Germany), VAT (Cultural Institute Mozambique – Germany), Right it to you Play, Action Agraria German, you Lead Communal and the communities and Local governments.

Who are your potential investors?

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The Story
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The initiative arose for the experiences of the FOMICRES in a work to identify the reintegration of child soldiers during the war in Mocambique. Also by the conscience that the trial of disarmament, demobilization and reintegration (DDR) of the belligerent forces, driven by the Commission of the United Nations (ONUMOZ) of 1993-1994, had not collected and destroyed completely the armament of war in illicit hands in the communities, that was estimated in 6 to 10 millions of war devices, which could be at risk the trial of construction of the peace and public national security.

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The Mission of the FOMICRES is to investigate and study environments that contribute for the sprouting of antisocial behaviors, crimes and train the communities to assume their own responsibility in the eradication of them (environments), through the communal training and participation in actions that aim at Justice, security and peace.

I was interested in this competition because I received the invitation of Changemakers to submit a project, being the second time that I participated, and basically because I already work in this area since 2000 and in other similar activities already for many years. I know very well the importance of a competition of this nature, where we have to share information with other participants.