Animated film "How easy to die and how hard to live" describes the lives of women in Iraq

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Animated film "How easy to die and how hard to live" describes the lives of women in Iraq

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Kani-Eskan Quarter - Addison compound - 3rd floor

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Northern Iraq - Kurdish region

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The idea is to introduce one of the stories happened to Iraqi women and girls through an animated film. It is innovative because its using real story, attractive (animation) and can reach large numbers of people. It is important because it raises the sufferings of the Iraqi girls and women, it introduce the sufferings of girls and women and advocate for their rights through animated films that can be aired through TV channels, or directly or shared with others including websites

What will be the impact of your idea?

Many innocent girls and women are killed, tortured and himuliated in different parts of Iraq each year including honor killings, stonning to death, defacing their appearance, --etc. This film will first raise the sufferings of these women and girls to the public, donors and authorities and advocate for their rights secondly. It will help make the Iraqis aware of such violations and enable the good doers to work out plan to resist such violations.

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We have field staff from the Iraqi communities who collect stories and scenarios from real life. We have management team who are experienced enough to manage the production of this film and disseminate/distribute it. Since we have networking in place inside Iraq we can use the film effectively inside Iraq and share it with partners outside Iraq. There are experienced staff and expertise to produce this animated film. So we have the teams in place.

How much will it cost to launch your idea?

We have funding for management staff and other related admin cost i.e. the staff who collect the stories for the animated film, the staff who supervise the production and the staff who distribute it, in addition to office rental and other cost. But we need 50,000$ to produce 18 minutes of the animated film. Having this fund will enable us to produce this product that will advocate for women's human rights and sustain the project impact.