Empowering young Afghans through media and education

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Empowering young Afghans through media and education

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Media and culture are tools for Afghanistan’s development and the rebuilding of its damaged civil society.

In post-conflict areas like Afghanistan, populations have no or limited access to education and information. The NGO Aina provides informal education using media as a tool to empower local populations. Aina also provides training in journalism (radio and video production, photojournalism) and communication to involve local populations in the development of independent local medias.

The next step for Aina is the merging between the Afghan children’s magazine “Parvaz” which was created by Aina seven years ago and has since been freely distributed in Afghanistan and “Aschiana “ an Afghan NGO devoted to helping the working street children of Kabul by providing them a wide range of educational opportunities.
The idea is to create a vocational school within Aschiana center in Kabul that will provide to girls and boys with trainings in journalism, photography, graphic design, and illustration.

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Throughout Afghanistan, we have already reached millions of women and children with radio and tv programs, magazines, mobile cinema and national awareness campaigns.
Since 2001, Aina has been contributing to education in Afghanistan by promoting a spirit of peace and freedom, the very foundation of democracy. Aina has also supported and developed cultural projects and independent local media, all critical tools to rebuild civil society.

The culture of war fosters war. This project intend to give young Afghans tools to develop and consolidate the civil society and break the circle of violence.
By providing media trainings to young Afghans, this project will empower them and contribute to the emergence of the next generation of media professionals in the country.

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As a merging project, the Parvaz-Aschiana project will first bring together Afghanistan’s leading children’s magazine with the leading provider of services to war-affected street children
Aina’s long experience in Afghanistan and developed network of local media professionals will enable us to bring together the best media professionals of the country (journalists, cartoonists, graphic designers, photographers…), as trainers in the vocational school. We have trained more than a thousand Afghan men and women in all media related matters and these people are now running the media and culture in Afghanistan, we will choose the best between them for our project .
One of our partner will also be the National Geographic Society one of the world’s prominent educational institution.

How much will it cost to launch your idea?

The first step of this project will be the creation of the vocational school within the Aschiana center in Kabul (creation of the training classrooms, purchase of the equipment, registration of the organization, hiring process …). This first step will cost around 50 000 €.