SeeClickFix: Report non-emergency isues and receive alerts in your neighboorhood

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SeeClickFix: Report non-emergency isues and receive alerts in your neighboorhood

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250 Humphry St

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New Haven

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SeeClickFix is a free web tool that allows citizens to report and document non-emergency issues to communicate them to those accountable for the public space. Issues that are reported through the website are recorded on a map for everyone to see and interact with. Anyone can receive email alerts on the issues based on a filter by geographical area and keyword.

Take a government run 3-1-1 system, put it on the web and democratize it. Put the issues on the map and allow the community to manage it like Wikipedia. Now you have a sense of what SeeClickFix can do.

In a world where too many people ignore too many problems or feel powerless to address them, it is important to have concrete tools to turn complaints into action. SeeClickFix allows citizens to act to make their neighborhoods better.

What will be the impact of your idea?

SeeClickFix will improve the way we live our daily lives. Specifically we:

* Turn Residents into Citizens by creating easy ways for residents to collaborate to identify and resolve local issues,
* Motivate Governments through transparency and specificity to solve problems,
* Provide Accountability for many to documents their personal efforts to improve things, and
* Create New Volunteer Opportunities for non-residents who want to tend to the website and help other communities.

For example, in New Haven, CT, where SeeClickFix was founded, more than 1200 issues have been reported by 800 different people since March. Additionally local government, state government, public and private utilities, non-profits, business improvement districts, community groups and active citizens are all using SeeClickFix to receive alerts, respond to issues and demonstrate accountability to their constituents and areas of responsibility.

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We have developed as working software.

Ben Berkowitz - is the founder of CT WEB NET LLC, a web and graphic design firm. His talents lie in marketing, design and promoting new business.

Miles Lasater - as COO led Higher One from inception to over 220 employees and over $55 million in annual revenue run-rate. Higher One has received numerous awards for growth including Inc 500, Entrepreneur Hot 100, Delotte Fast 50 and the UHY's Tech Top 40. Miles studied computer science at Yale and started his first "blog" in 1999.

Jeff Blasius - started his first tech company while in college in Santa Barbara, CA. Recently, he worked as a System Administrator and Systems designer with Yale's high performance computing group.

Kam Lasater - is software architect for Higher One. He graduated from Carnegie Mellon with a degree in computer science.

How much will it cost to launch your idea?

Our idea is launched. We have self-funded and received ~$250 in donations from users. We also have users who have subscribed for additional professional features. Depending on the level of scale and the amount of time put in by the founding team, the website can be run for $10,000 to $1,000,000 per year.