Child- and Youthcenter Tarrfafal

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Child- and Youthcenter Tarrfafal

Cape Verde
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The combination of all the sportive, educational, cultural activities the center offers which are necessary to be able to reduce poverty, emigration, etc.

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Which of these barriers is the primary focus of your work?

Few effective tools for personal improvement

Which of the principles is the primary focus of your work?

Use sport to build character

If you believe some other barrier or principle should be included in the mosaic, please describe it and how it would affect the positioning of your initiative in the mosaic:

Create future perspectives; Broaden the horizon; Reduce drug abuse; Reduce violence; Reduce crime rate;

What is your signature innovation, your new idea, in one sentence?

The combination of all the sportive, educational, cultural activities the center offers which are necessary to be able to reduce poverty, emigration, etc.

Describe your innovation. What makes your idea unique and different than others doing work in the field?

The goals mentioned above (mostly 'create future perspectives') can not be reached by just offering soccer or professional training or cultural activities. The success of our work lies in the combination. Much more in poor countries like Cape Verde, where just a good formation does not guarantee work or success it is necessary to be creative and innovative. Soccer, arts, cultural activities can help improve these talents.

What are the existing barriers, the biggest problem, your innovation is hoping to address/change?

People do not believe that success is possible in Cape Verde. Therefor most of them search their way to Europe or the United States. In comparison to the amount of young people in Cape Verde, just a few of them reach this goal. So the first problem to resolve is this lack of hope and believe.

Delivery Model: How do you implement your innovation and apply it to the challenge/problem you are addressing?

Soccer is a perfect way to get the children of the street. They love soccer. That gives us the opportunity to involve the participants in other offers at the center (illiteracy, computer and/or language training, cultural activities, etc.) and/or in case help them with their school problems.
So the soccerschool is in no way a talent factory, but a project to improve the lifes of all the participants. Even if are no talent factory we do develope the quality of our training by train trainers and we do not close the door if somebody realy wants to try to become a professional soccerplayer.

How do you plan to grow your innovation?

More offers at the Child- and Youthcenter. Like: musicschool, multimedia designer training, painting classes and more. Important is the slowly, healthy growth of the project as the sustainability is THE challenge par excellence.

Provide one sentence describing your impact/intended impact.

Strengthening the selfconfidence of the participants to increase their hope and power to resolve the problems poverty creates.

What impact has your innovation had to date/or what is your intended impact? Exactly who are the beneficiaries?

Beneficiaries are children and young people from Tarrafal. The exact impact our project had in the life of the participants is hard to count or prove. As we believe the success in relation to our aims (create future perspectives, etc.) was very high in the first 5 years of work. Also because the project started with nothing more than 6 soccerballs. So the Child- and Youthcenter itself is a proof of how you can have success if you believe in it and work continuously.

How many people have you served directly?

The soccerschool currently trains 150 boys and girls. We already trained 10 taylors and 15 carpenters (from 2005 until 2007). The basic computer trainings (3 month courses) were already visited by more than 120 adolescentes. The english and german classes were visited by 42 people. Our 2 Batucogroups (Batuco = traditional drum-singing-dancing performance from the island of Santiago) are formed by 32 girls.
As we believe it is not the most important thing to show off with numbers. We talk about lives of young people and if we can help just one of them it already is a success. Even more we always try to get the most out of the money we receive for our project.

How many people have you served indirectly?

Very hard to say. The center has a very good reputation in Tarrafal. It is not exaggerated to say that every day somebody asks us for help. Be it work or a place in one of our trainings or money for pharmaceuticals, clothes or others. Unfortunatly we are not able to help all of them but we try our best.

Please list any other measures reflective of the impact of your innovation?

Better understanding between children and parents. Better comunication between the responsibles of the project and the parents. Better school performance of the participants of the soccerschool thanks to the tutoring groups we offer.

What are the main barriers to creating or achieving your impact?

To little believe of the capeverdean people that success in the country is possible.
Like always to little money to realise all the ideas we have.

How is your initiative financed (or how do you expect your initiative will be financed)?

From 2002 until the end of 2004 the soccerschool had hardly any funding. Just our partnerorganisation in Austria (Delta Cultura Austria) helped with soccerequipement which they collected in Austria and which was brought to Tarrafal by friends.
In 2004 we got funding (German ministry for developement) for the construction of the Child- and Youthcenter and the first one and a half years of all the operational costs. The soccerschool was not part of this finance. 'Only' the construction of the soccerfield which makes part of the center.
Since March 2007 the operational costs of the Center are mainly financed by Delta Cultura Austria. The soccerschool has financial support through the 'Football for Hope Movement' (FIFA) from July 2007 until July

If known, provide information on your finances and organization.

Our exact income-expenditure 2006 can be seen on our internetpage ( Shortly the income-expenditure of 2007 will be published there too.
The operational costs of the Child- and Youth Center are around 40.000 EUR per year. The center pays a projectmanager, an assistant, a watchman, two soccertrainers. All the other trainers as well as all the staff from Delta Cultura Austria work like volunteers.

What is the potential demand for your innovation?

To run the Center and the soccerschool on a minimum base the yearly costs are around 40.000 EUR. The aim has to be to secure this amount on a longterm basis to be able to create and finance new and more offers.

What are the main barriers to financial sustainability?

Our aim is to be able to finance the project without help from govermental institutions because (only in Cape Verde or all around the world?) they always have political interest too. That means financial sustainability cannot be guaranteed as in a democratic country parties in power change ...
A other barrier is the unfortunatly wide spread opinio that Africa is a lost continent, full of corruption and so 'one cannot help'. Delta Cultura will go on proving the opposite.

The Story
What is the origin of this innovation? Tell us your story.

In 2002 my wife (capeverdean), my daughter and myself decided to move from Vienna to Tarrafal, the hometown of my wife. We had no more than 4000 EUR and 6 soccerballs. We started a soccerschool and took over a restaurant.
3 days after the announcement of the opening of the soccerschool we had more than 100 willing children between 10 and 16 years registered. So the challenge of the first year was to obtain the necessary material to train all this kids.
In 2004 the community of Tarrafal told us, that the soccerfield we used to train at will be gone soon as they are building a new market their. We asked the community of Tarrafal for land. They offered us a 12.000 m2 plane land a little bit outside of the village. After a few unsuccessful solicitations for funds for the construction of the planned Child- and Youthcenter we got the finance through the German Arbeitersamariterbund at the German goverment.
In 2005 we buildt the Center and started activities in October 2005. The soccerschool though never stopped and makes part of the center since its opening.

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Born in 1965 in Switzerland. Grown up in Vienna Austria (Father was Swiss, mother Austrian). After school I travelled the world (United States, New Zealand, Africa) for a few years. Back in Austria I lived in the countryside for some years, working as a farmer and beekeeper.
1996, together with my brother, I took over an old cinema in Vienna. Today the cinema is one of the best known places in town for 'young low-budget film' in town. I left town in 2002 anyway...

How did you hear about this contest and what is your main incentive to participate? (this is confidential)

Most of the application for our different projects I find in the internet. Ashoka and changemakers too. My incentive always is to make our work better known. It is the only way to one day get to the sustainability we all wish for our center. If nobody knows our projects nobody can help.
Surely it also is a stimulation, that there is a 5000 USD price to win and a invitation to a meeting that could bring the project forward too (see my main incentive). 5000 USD would be one month of the operational costs of the Child- and Youthcenter

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