Children are our environment heroes

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Children are our environment heroes

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Educating children in elementary school to be entrepreneurs and heroes for the environment

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Indonesia, just like many other developing countries, faces waste problem. There is no separation between the recyclable and non recyclable wastes. Indonesian people just burn and bury the wastes instead of environment-friendly process. Moreover, most people still dump the waste to the river, drain, beach, road, everywhere. As the result, there would be flood, spread diseases, and damage to the environment.

Project Description

Educating children in elementary school to be entrepreneurs and heroes for the environment

Unique and different

-The children hold main role in earning money and saving the environment
-There is cooperation between school and industry
-There is education from childhood for the children about entrepreneurship, recycling process, and environment, both theory and practical

Project plan

-Setting up the team
-Building partnership with the campus elements and alumni
-Propose the cooperation with the companies which use the recyclable wastes
-Setting up the preparation in the schools
-Fund raising


-The campus elements : faculty of industrial technology, chemical engineering department, Institut Teknologi Bandung students organization
-Alumni of Institut Teknologi Bandung
-Few oil and gas companies

The campus elements have the same concern in giving chance to students in contributing in helping people. Besides, as students organization we need permit from the faculty and the department in holding events.
We contact the alumni and also send proposals to the companies.


Educated children with good environmental awareness, cleaner environment, and giving financial benefit for the schools and the companies


People living around the schools, the schools, the children, the companies, and the nation (in long term)

How do you engage and impact the community?

We will provide attractive trash cans categorized for plastic waste, metal waste, and paper waste, for each class year in the elementary schools. The children will be given information about the project, the environment, and the recycling process. They should collect the plastic wastes, metal wastes, and paper wastes from their school, their house, and their community, and then put them categorically in the right trash can. Every month, the wastes will be weighed by the children. The companies who will use the wastes for their materials will take those wastes and give cash reward for each class year. The wastes will be recycled into other things so the environment will be better. Besides the main activity, we will make publication to the community around the schools.

How do you measure this impact?

-Cleaner environment in community which is less plastic, paper, and metal wastes
-The benefit that the schools earn


-Indonesia people are quite skeptic

Financing source
(or how do you expect your initiative will be financed)

It will be financed by the companies that will use the wastes as the main sponsor because they will benefit from the publication

Aside from financial sustainability, how do you plan to grow and sustain your project?

-Supervising the project by the university students
-Reporting publicly
-Spreading the publication
-Creating network with other organization to cooperate
-Widening the scope of area

Finance details

-Oil and gas companies for fund raising
-Donation from alumni
-number of team: -in each school : 1 coordinator, 3 in school relation, 5 in helping providing accommodation for school - in general : 1 president, 5 in contacting the companies, 5 in publication, 10 in fund raising, 3 in gaining permit

Creative funding

-Sending proposal to companies
-Contacting alumni
-Making charity events

Other non finance needs

Transportation, design, and telecommunication

The Story

I sure that Indonesia people should be aware of their environment and the awareness should be educated since the early age, not only theory but also practical. Then it would be good habits till the children grown up and holding main role in community, so they can bring good change directly and indirectly to the environment. Besides, this will stimulate children to be entrepreneur in simple and creative way.


team:-solving clean water crisis in village by using membrane technology
-composting organic wastes in community level around the campus
-river reclamation by using membrane technology
-recycling drinking package wastes in campus
personal:-Indonesian delegate in the 4th World Youth Congress in Canada

Broader context

The main subject of this project is children, the youth, and they will save the environment by helping recycling wastes. It would be their habit so they can also affect other people then there will be more people who are aware of the environment.


the junior will take care of it when the alumni graduate so it will be continuing

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