Homebound Boca Raton, Inc.

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Homebound Boca Raton, Inc.

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The purpose of Homebound Boca Raton is to provide transportation to high school students as an alternative to irresponsible driving situations such as: drunk driving, over-occupancy of vehicles, and driving past the legal curfew.

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Co-Founder, CEO

Venture Description:

The purpose of Homebound Boca Raton is to provide transportation to high school students as an alternative to irresponsible driving situations such as: drunk driving, over-occupancy of vehicles, and driving past the legal curfew.

Venture Origin:

Being recent high school graduates ourselves, we have experienced first-hand the dangers of teen driving. On any weekend night, someone we knew chose a potentially life threatening driving situation over the only existing alternative; calling mom and dad. Now that we are college students, we see that there are better, safer alternatives.


Organizations have attempted to reduce irresponsible driving among teens, but have failed because they were lacking key components. Homebound bases itself on these components that other organizations lacked: convenience, a smaller generation gap, a marketing plan that appeals to high school students, a public relations campaign that engages the entire community, and financial self-sufficiency.


<ul><li class="entry-label">Impact: <span class="entry-text">Homebound will impact the community by making our roads safer for all citizens of Boca Raton (about 200,000 people)and offering safe transportation alternatives to high school students on weekend nights. Also, the college students that volunteer with our organization will serve as mentors to our younger high school students. </span></li><li class="entry-label">Engagement with the community: <span class="entry-text">Homebound has Campus Reps at local high schools and a team of representatives at FAU, a state college located in Boca Raton. We have worked with high schools through Key Club, PTSA, and school principals. Former State Representative Irving Slosberg has supported us through local news and in publications. Parents came to our benefit dinner and will use Homebound's weekday transportation service.</span></li><li class="entry-label">Impact and engagement progress since launch: <span class="entry-text">Since being launched, we have thrown a benefit dinner to raise funds and was recently awarded a Youth Venture Grant. We have utilized PTSA listserves to raise awareness among parents and school faculty. We have also used myspace and facebook to spark interest among high school students. Appearing on local news and in publications has introduced Homebound to the community as well. </span></li><li class="entry-label">Impact and engagement strategy: <span class="entry-text">Homebound will create and put into effect marketing strategies to establish Homebound as a social norm and create brand equity. Word of mouth among satisfied customers and large events targeted towards high schoolers will keep the trend going. Our web site, facebook, and myspace are always current and up to date. Newsletters will be sent to parents and annual reports will be sent to donors.</span></li><li class="entry-label">Awards: <span class="entry-text">Youth Venture</span></li></ul>


<ul><li class="entry-label">Amount of Youth Venture seed grant: <span class="entry-text">$1,000.00</span></li><li class="entry-label">Money raised: <span class="entry-text">Our seed grant has not yet been received. We hosted a benefit dinner in September 2006 that raised $1,200.</span></li><li class="entry-label">Creative ways of raising resources: <span class="entry-text">In addition to hosting a benefit dinner, utilizing the PTSA listserv, and appearing in various media outlets; we have planned several fundraising events that will engage our major publics. These events range from concerts to themed club parties to golf tournaments.</span></li></ul>


<ul><li class="entry-label">Expansion plan for next 6 months: <span class="entry-text">Fundraising and raising awareness for our cause in hopes of attracting volunteers and donations.</span></li><li class="entry-label">Plans for sustaining the project: <span class="entry-text">Once the initial funds are raised, Homebound will not only be self-sufficient; it will become profitable. Vehicles will run on weekdays as a transportation service for adults in the community. We will recruit volunteers each semester, so that new students can replace volunteers who are graduating.</span></li><li class="entry-label">Vision for three years from now: <span class="entry-text">Homebound hopes to have enough vehicles to sustain the demand in our community and surrouding communities.</span></li></ul>

Project impact:

Our venture will impact the community by making our roads safer and reducing the amount of high school students who engage in irresponsible driving behavior on weekend nights, thus decreasing the amount of traffic incidents. Homebound will make life easier for the high school students who directly benefit from this convienent, life saving service. Subsequently, Homebound will make life easier for parents--lifting the concern that come along with a newly licensed drivers.

Youth Venture movement - what it means and how you can contribute:

It is a great privelege to be part of the Youth Venture movement and be surrounded by other young adults working towards making a difference. Homebound is willing and able to stand as an example towards new Youth Ventures as well as collaborate with current Youth Ventures. We will actively recruite new venturers through our organization that otherwise may not have had the opportunity of being explosed to Youth Venture. We are always available to serve as a liason between Youth Venture and young adults.