Under City Wheels

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Under City Wheels

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We find discarded bicycles in the streets of Passaic,N.J.. We rebuild the bikes by replacing parts and repainting them. We donate some to other kids and sell some for a small fee to pay for more parts.

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Role in the Venture:

founder and mechanic

Venture Description:

We find discarded bicycles in the streets of Passaic,N.J.. We rebuild the bikes by replacing parts and repainting them. We donate some to other kids and sell some for a small fee to pay for more parts.

Venture Origin:

I (Miguel G.) like to repair bikes for my friends. Since my father has tools in the basement other kids ask my to help repair their broken bikes or to repair bicycles that they found on the street. My friends and I do this for fun.


We help our community and environment by recycling bikes that would in the garbage. Travel by bikes also causes no pollution and helps kids stay fit. We donated 12 bikes to children in Nicaraga. The Peaceworks organization took the bikes there. No other youth group in Passaic are repairing "junked" bikes.


<ul><li class="entry-label">Impact: <span class="entry-text">We are showing people that youths can do positive work, that we can handle tools and help our environment. </span></li><li class="entry-label">Engagement with the community: <span class="entry-text">Our school counselor, Mr. Sandy Shevack, Director of the Quality of Life Afterschool and Summer Program, read a newspaper article about our work and helped us apply for a $650 Youth Ventures grant which we used to buy much needed parts.</span></li><li class="entry-label">Impact and engagement progress since launch: <span class="entry-text">Youth Venture gave us ideas on how to involve more kids and let the community know about our work. People have donated more tools and used bikes to us.</span></li><li class="entry-label">Impact and engagement strategy: <span class="entry-text">We hope to have another newspaper article. We printed flies and have gotten more spare bike parts.</span></li><li class="entry-label">Awards: <span class="entry-text">No award other than yours.</span></li></ul>


<ul><li class="entry-label">Amount of Youth Venture seed grant: <span class="entry-text">$650</span></li><li class="entry-label">Money raised: <span class="entry-text">$400 from bike sale since the summer.</span></li><li class="entry-label">Creative ways of raising resources: <span class="entry-text">Mr. Shevack is helping us to search for foundations that can award us another grant. We have passed fliers around our school for spare parts of used bikes.</span></li></ul>


<ul><li class="entry-label">Expansion plan for next 6 months: <span class="entry-text">Due to limited space in Edgar's basement (which is free space) and school work, we feel comfortable at our present level of finishing 5 to 8 bicycles a week.</span></li><li class="entry-label">Plans for sustaining the project: <span class="entry-text">We have that tools we need to continue repairing used and broken bikes. Mr. Shevack has always been there to help us with advise. From the sale of bikes we can buy parts that we can not find on the street.</span></li><li class="entry-label">Vision for three years from now: <span class="entry-text">We are training younger kids in bicycle repair skills to continue or work as the Under City Wheels. We think that our example can help other kids in other communities both now and three years from now.</span></li></ul>

Project impact:

We have shown our community that young people can take something that is garbage and turn it into something that is useful. We have shown people that bicycles can help kids with exercise and travel without polluting our city. We have donated bikes to kids in Passaic and thanks to Mr. Shevack, to kids in Nicaragua

Youth Venture movement - what it means and how you can contribute:

It was nice to get a grant,newspaper article, and for our group to be known for setting a good example for both Youth Venture and ourselves. Having taken something that was broken and changing it to something useful means that you can prove to people the important work we do.