LEO - Low Earth Orbit - HPHP - Human Powered Helicopter Project

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LEO - Low Earth Orbit - HPHP - Human Powered Helicopter Project

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LEO: an airborne cycle for personal, sport & public transportation. As bicyclings Wright Brothers are Changemakers of a generation, LEO is a record-setting, environmental, hovering inspiration born of da Vinci's sketches/memory & handed to us to enter Igor I. Sikorsky's competition: http://vtol.org/awards/hph.html

Learning from all who have tried/died trying: http://www.humanpoweredhelicopters.org/sikorskyprize/index.htm pledge to innovation.

Wonderful: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caHCbuh_Yyc Thanks Prof Naito!

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LEO - Low Earth Orbit - An End to Poverty
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LEO - Low Earth Orbit - An End to Poverty

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LEO - Low Earth Orbit - An End to Poverty

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Montreal, Quebec

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Earth impact: from bicycle enthusiasts to an airplane industry, from E=mc² to breakthroughs in science & technology in far less time & even less time from Burt Rutan, Richard Branson & Dr. Peter H. Diamandis to a thriving 'public' space industry & FROM ACROSS TIME, Leonardo's drawings flew into teamLEOnardo's hands, to inspire travel starved minds & bodies exhausted by imposing immigration rules, to ignite human awareness of our ability to reverse climate change. With help from our hp-friends, Greg @ http://www.pedaltheocean.com/ & Marcelo @ http://xof1.com/ LEO educates through imagination by turning history's wrongs into rights, by saying 'YES WE CAN' to a human-solar powered future. As “Earthlings”, we need to take transportation into our hands; as adults, we need to leave a legacy of following through with childhood inspirations/innovations &/or life-dreams! LEO, impacting HEARTS, MINDS & BODIES beyond age, gender &/or past failures in another’s hand is our…DREAM IMPACT!

Why is promoting global travel and engagement important? What makes your idea innovative? (200 words max)

Global (or further than yesterday) travel is the cornerstone upon which all nations (dreams) were built. Through thick & thin, engagement was the tool through which Intellectual Property could be shared, benefiting everyone involved. Centuries of innovation with Chinese hovering toys have circumnavigated Earth, inspiring American dreamers (Canadian, USian, Mexican), giving flight to countless conversations & innovations in aeronautical design. Naturally, our mission/our flight plan, is… the freedom to hover & roam… LEO is our seed of innovation on the wing! Next, we plant/partner LEO with eco- & geo-tourism & development projects to encourage global tourism; to offer a new & very important perspective of the land where “the people live” & to personally engage humanity with the most natural & pleasing resource available, to flying creatures; the beauty & fragility of our planet, from above! It’s teamLEOnardo’s dream that it’s important to you, that LEO’s… DREAM AWAKENS!

What would it take to launch or spread your idea? How much would it cost to make your idea a reality? (150 words max)

Reality? HISTORIC EVENT! LEO prepares to win Sikorsky's Competition. The human & solar powered (public) transportation dream is realized as the healthy choice for billions. A change in human being/mobility requires new immigration laws. Earth from above, in Condé Nast Traveler’s 2nd article, PedalLEOtour2010: raising the ‘travel bar’ to hovering above GREEN, helps to sustain a human powered (helicopter) industry. Global relations change. After dreaming up a ‘far-fetched-flying idea’ my Wright Brothers must have wondered if bicycles would be ‘sustained’ by 'twittering, innovating or recycling' their inventions. SO, sustaining LEO is in the hands of the hungry! The REALITY is the cost of life! With an ability to willingly cross borders, LEO announces the beginning of the END of POVERTY. Later, we upgrade LEO with a solar-electric engine giving older people a new way to explore retirement/a new life, encouraging youth to stay healthy & young. LEO's REALITY…POVERTY’s END…DREAM LAUNCH!

Describe your work as a social innovator (150 words max)

As Earthlings our work is so innovative, it is not yet well known worldwide, but greatly received in local regions. Our seed/kind of grassroots innovation comes from (35+) years of travel experience between the mates of teamLEOnardo. From Los Angeles to Nepal, Alaska to South America, India to Europe and Australia to Japan & many more places/routes in between, our unique brand of social innovation begins, where our birth places end - sowing in us all an indigenous nature to roam - free from the ignorance of borders in our new global village, Earth! In teamLEOnardo's workshop, the sound of social innovation is in the voices of contributors visiting their investment from time to time, where helping out gives them a "hands on" experience of home/hand-made fun, education & community supported activity! The PedalLEOtour2010 will be LEO's way of giving back to all the 'global villages' visited along the way. For teamLEOnardo, social innovation is giving LEO your 'two cents' by reserving a pilot's seat in your name with comments & suggestions, by pitching in where LEO needs help, & by reminding others to stay tuned for Hover Day. VOTE for your FREEDOM, earthling, thank you! DREAM SHARED!

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