Estonia: between green-living and Skype - Organic products

Estonia: between green-living and Skype - Organic products

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Tell us your idea. What makes your idea innovative? ( ) overall mission is explained below. Condé Nast may be interested in evaluating videos, pictures and reportage we prepare while exploring mainly off-the-track destinations; in this case, we would be very happy to get in touch with its editors to evaluate publishing opportunities.

For now, the implementation of our mission is based on three projects. Here, we outline project 1, "Estonia: between green-living and Skype - Organic products".This project is already in the implementation phase, will be available online no later than end of June 2009. The goal is to promote Estonian organic herbs, teas and natural pills. The Republic of Estonia is a Nordic Country which joined European Union in 2004. Estonia achieved one of the best possible balance between innovation and nature. The main cities of Tallinn, Tartu and Parnu are covered by wi-fi internet, mobile payments and e-banking are wide-spread, and the IT developers behing companies like Skype and Playtech are locally-grown talents. At the same time, outside the main urban centers, the Country is covered by a prosperous forest, with a florishing organic sector.

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Making travellers more aware about the importance of local products, and bringing to the attention of fellow travellers communities and products they may be interested in knowing better when visiting the area. We strongly believe in social entrepreneurship, and that social entrepeneurs can co-operate to improve the positive impact of their efforts.

What would it take to launch or spread your idea?

What would it take to launch or spread your idea?
In order to make the project effective, we need to achieve a critical mass who can then spread the idea with Web 2.0 and viral marketing. That is where winning this competion would make a difference, by bringing our solution to the attention of readers worldwide, and also giving an example to follow for other travellers who want to open their own store. Considering we work with local communities, our market is very fragmented so competition who can develop new communities and cover new products is more than welcome. These projects can be easily replicated following simple, clear rules:
1) sell only what we believe in
2) buy local, not mass-produced products
3) buy from producers we meet in person
4) buy natural products and, when possible, organic ones
5) pay a fair price which makes a difference in the producers' lives and surrounding economy
6) do not just sell a product to our customers, but make it a cultural and social experience by showing the culture where such products are florishing
7) keep overheads to a minimum, to make products as affordable as possible to customers

Describe yourself as a social innovator.

How much would it cost to make your idea happen? How would it be sustained?
We are already working on the market platform on By using our skills and the power of open source software, a secure and reliable platform can be built with a low budget. The main cost is on spreading the voice and visiting new local communities to start co-operating with them. As mentioned above, winning this competition would give a substantial contribution to the success of and to the development of local communities. ( is an e-market which allows travellers to bring the "pearls", discovered while travelling, to the attention of a wider audience. Once customers start ordering the natural products reviewed on the website, then the mission becomes self-substainable because revenues can cover operational costs.