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Our goal is to provide a channel through music and performance, to truly interchange cultural and educational experiences between travelers and Mayan kids.
This project seeks to facilitate the cultural exchange between people from diverse nations, through singing, music and tourism. We organize formal and informal performances where choirs of Mayan kids are able to both listen and perform to other choirs coming from abroad. The activities also include time for playing sports and Mayan games, achieving a best cohesion between both groups.
Exchange performances provide both sides of tourism, locals and visitors, an active role in tourism. What we’re looking for as a travel company, is to provide travelers the opportunity be part of a community for a short period of time.

What is the likely impact of your idea?

This cross cultural initiative helps growing self confidence in the local community. It provides local kids the opportunity to be face to face with travelers, listening them sing Mayan or Mexican songs, making them feel proud of their origins and more confident in a long term. The deep interaction that travelers and locals get with shared performances is really unique.
Before getting to the community, travelers feel they are going to do something good, because they usually take gifts to the local kids. At the end, they feel they received more than what they gave. Because the interchange is not a matter of money or material gifts; it’s more a matter of sharing time, smiles and music.

What would it take to launch or spread your idea?

In terms or replicability, we believe this initiative can be easily done in indigenous communities organized by a local music or art professor. Many travelers nowadays are looking for deep experiences with local people when they travel, and music and art provides a very intimate possibility for that. This initiative also promotes education on the local communities.

In terms of promotion, we require partnerships with other companies or NGO around the world to help us promote this experience. More marketing through the internet and press releases at important magazines. Having the story told at Conde Nast would be an outstanding help.

In our business plan, we require around US $60,000 to make this idea happen. That covers the development of an exceptional website for this product alone, salaries for staff and music professors to the communities for a period of 1 year and marketing in trade shows. In a long term, the project is economically sustainable with the fees that travelers pay. It’s also culturally sustainable as the Mayan community will be educated maintaining destinations stewardship and the opportunity to learn from other cultures as well.

Describe yourself as a social innovator.

We are based in the Yucatan Peninsula, an area renowned for its sun and beach destinations like Cancun and the Mayan Riviera. It’s very easy for a tour company to only focus on a market that is profitable and well established, without taking care of the local, Mayan communities. From the beginning, Adventures Mexico has strived to develop programs that promote cross cultural exchanges, voluntourism and learning among travelers and locals. Some of the features that we have in our programs is living with local families, giving back to the communities, painting murals visiting hospitals and shelter homes. Especially our musical exchange with Mayan communities provides a unique opportunity to have a deeper interaction with locals.