Vancouver 2010 with its First Nations: native North-Americans

Vancouver 2010 with its First Nations: native North-Americans

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This is project 3 of our mission, "Vancouver 2010 with its First Nations: native North-Americans", to be implemented by December 15th 2009. Vancouver will be the focus of sportspeople and their supporters wordlwide for the 2010 Winter Olympic games. Before, during and just after the events the city is likely to become one of the most searched ones online by people searching for information about visiting and competitions' results. Together with a short presentation of the City, we will create some videos, albums and itineraries for people interested in discovering the real Vancouver and beautiful British Columbia. The whole province is a natural wonder, and we want to inform people about its First Nations history, and rich culture. Some topics, like native Americans' flute music and natural remedies, are already popular, so we can build on this to create educational material for internet users, hosting it on Web 2.0 sites, and link from there to the e-market where selected First Nations' products can be ordered.

What is the likely impact of your idea?

Making travellers more aware about the First Nations' rich history, culture and heritage to modern British Columbia and Canada.

What would it take to launch or spread your idea?

In order to make the project effective, we need to achieve a critical mass who can then spread the idea with Web 2.0 and viral marketing. That is where winning this competion would make a difference, by bringing our solution to the attention of readers worldwide, and also giving an example to follow for other travellers who want to open their own store. Considering we work with local communities, our market is very fragmented so competition who can develop new communities and cover new products is more than welcome. These projects can be easily replicated following simple, clear rules:
1) sell only what we believe in
2) buy local, not mass-produced products
3) buy from producers we meet in person
4) buy natural products and, when possible, organic ones
5) pay a fair price which makes a difference in the producers' lives and surrounding economy
6) do not just sell a product to our customers, but make it a cultural and social experience by showing the culture where such products are florishing
7) keep overheads to a minimum, to make products as affordable as possible to customers

Describe yourself as a social innovator.

We always try to buy local products, which benefit local communities. When possibile, we try to keep pre-paid services like excursions etc. and hire directly local people we believe to be reliable. This ensures they get more for their services, and also keeps costs down for us.

At the same time, we avoid behaviour which we believe can create undue dependency of local communities on tourists. We give our donations to local charities, instead of individuals, unless we had a chance to know them personally during our staying.