WHL Travel Santa Marta against children´s malnutrition in Colombia.

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WHL Travel Santa Marta against children´s malnutrition in Colombia.

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The "Divine Child" neighborhood in Santa Marta

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Santa Marta

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How can a travel agency and its clients contribute to sustainable tourism? We believe that by creating tourist products that are at once high-quality, interesting, and provocative, while contributing directly to people in need, we can help.
Why is this important? In Colombia, poverty is a major problem - 45 % of the people are poor and 17% are in need. In other words, 62% of Colombians are suffering from malnutrition, lack of basic sanitary conditions, and lack of public education.
Tourists visiting Colombia only see her superficial side – the resorts, the beaches, the beautiful cities and parks – and they leave without really understanding or being able to draw accurate conclusions about this country. Tourist operators haven´t offered opportunities to expose tourists to and integrate them with this 62% of the Colombian people.
Our mission is to contribute to the reduction of these high poverty levels by attempting to involve the poor people of Santa Marta in local tourism. Thus, we must try to provide tourism options which integrate the visitor’s personal leisure time with his sense of charity and desire to help.

What is the likely impact of your idea?

One way that we hope to help is by transforming city tours of Santa Marta. We are currently qualifying bilingual tourist guides from the most disadvantaged sectors of the city to lead these tours.
The guides will explain the real situation of poverty in Santa Marta to the tourists and inform them that the proceeds from the tour will be used towards the first in a series of free children’s dining corners in Santa Marta. With time, the tourists will be able to see the evolution of this project and eventually to visit the projects and see first-hand how they are contributing to the fight against children´s malnutrition.

What would it take to launch or spread your idea?

100% of the profits from this Santa Marta city tour will be invested in the project to create these dining corners for Santa Marta’s poor children. This project was created by the “Mundos Insolitos” foundation of which we are founding partners. For the first stage, we will need 6 million Colombian Pesos (2000 Euros). With this intial funding and the support of the mothers of the “The Divine Child” neighborhood, we will start with a dining corner for 30 local children. And in accordance with the progress of the project, we will make it grow and expand to other poor quarters of the city.

Describe yourself as a social innovator.

As a member of WHL travel, we are committed to promoting sustainable tourism in our local destinations. Starting with the Caribbean paradise of Santa Marta, our aim is to protect and take care of our city and its inhabitants.
Our mission consists of sending a message of love to both to the local people and to the environment. We want to apply these global concepts to our specific case. And when a tourist can do good and enjoy a great tour at the same time, won’t everybody be better off!
The project may also serve as a model for other tourist operators in Colombia and in other developing countries to follow.