BWH - Blue World Heritage - All Else is a Small Patch of Green Technology! GoBLUEorGoHome to, GAIA - Green Aware Is Atmosphere!

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BWH - Blue World Heritage - All Else is a Small Patch of Green Technology! GoBLUEorGoHome to, GAIA - Green Aware Is Atmosphere!

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Help-US-heal_the_Great_Pacific_[Gyre]_Garbage_Patch (G-Patch) with BLUE WORLD HERITAGE at the helm...we follow the leader, OUR OCEAN, within the ‘balance’ of ebb & flow, giving back what we take to grow, to plant SEEDS_of_understanding  ‘SOW_very_necessary to prolong ‘human’ life on Earth'; situation’s more dire than we know!

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BWH - Blue World Heritage
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Website - Fund$ gained by Theft-SALE/STEALof our domain IDEA will be donated via GLOBAL Vote & released to BWH!


BWH - Blue World Heritage

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BWH - Blue World Heritage

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514 - 845 - 2654

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Google 'WiTHiN'...The Great Pacific [Gyre] Garbage Patch (G-Patch) is where you'll find US in 2010~!

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BWH 'seas' impacting people by strengthening an undeniable personal connection to our BIG BLUE WORLD HERITAGE SITE, The Global Ocean. The BWH FOUNDATION focused on GAIA - Global Atmosphere Interior-ocean Awareness connects_you_to_relevant_media_etc., i.e. - [potential_map_of_found_trash ]. “BWH…the fulcrum, helping US All reverse 30+years of plastic teeter totter neglect”, by hosting FLOATING-PETITIONS & VOTING-COMPETITIONS to allow the public to provide ways for everyone to ‘work WITH companies’ to create better, safer, reusable packaging methods [from farm- & warehouse to yours truly]. BWH puts the focus upon preserving each of UNESCO’s Global Heritage Sites, through celebrating the 1st GAIA DAY - GLOBAL ATMOSPHERE INTERIOR-OCEAN AWARENESS DAY on October 5th 2009; “The beginning of a global ‘RACE’ to increase our awareness of ‘past ignorance(s)…” BWH members can share/focus-on NON-plastic DAILY-efforts through online 'ripples' (stories), as we become examples to future generations… “To let BLUE flow true, sow GREEN abounds too!”

What makes your idea innovative? How is it a sustainable, green technology? (150 words max)

BWH ‘seas’ innovating the impossible as helping people everywhere grasp the magnitude @ hand (or @ sea, since many may never personally see ‘thiS-PACIFIC’ problem). BWH has partnered with designers & screenwriters (An open call to SOULS everywhere) willing to donate & join in, in creating our OPEN SOURCE promotional package/film titled, ( which portrays the ‘real life story’ of a singular passion to heal our BIG BLUE MARBLE (w/ little GREEN patches/continents ’dotting the surface’). To SUSTAIN our growth, BWH will offer online or actual partner-tours to this #1 WORLD HERITAGE site or you can join passionate volunteers, students, professors & researchers visiting the site. “Sow-sustain, BLUE-green technology; make it easier/reap’ear for to grow by word-of-mouth; as you breathe trees, eat vegetables & send fruits-SEED-Donations to fill our on-site-GREEN-house-processing-plant, you help counteract the hazardous contaminants leaching into our bodies; Please Vote for thiS’PACIFIC future.” - adas09’

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BWH Imagines as ‘THE’ ‘Minister(s) of Tourism’ responsible for this ‘icon’ of ALL World Heritage sites making BWH a Climate-hub-of-Change with the ocean as our LITMUS TEST OF GLOBAL HEALTHCARE. With ocean LIFE directly affecting all food sources on land, launching/spreading this floating ‘futuristic idea’ can make BWH & the-next-big-thing to ‘face-the-book’ of reality as the fun & only choice for LAND-locked-LIFE. We’ll coordinate 890 World Heritage properties with the public's ideas to preserve them ALL! ~BUT without the health of the WORLD OCEAN on TOP of that Heritage List, nothing will be worth preserving! Therefore the COST of making BWH a reality is FAR FROM EQUAL to the COST OF MAKING PLASTICS DISAPPEAR; less is more! So, until we wake up & smell the coffin, we may find ourselves coughing, reaped/buried up to the nose in H²O~! Sow, stay calm, & VOTE!

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