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We highlight and promote destinations in an equitable and experience-based manner in order to achieve an impact that could be translated into a greater interest in traveling throughout the culture and nature of a country's World Heritage Sites, enjoying social and environment surroundings and with greater preservation awareness and respect.

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What is the likely impact of your idea? How will it help ensure that World Heritage sites are preserved? (150 words max)

We want every single person to share, promote, safeguard and protect each and every World Heritage Site/Destination in our country.

What makes your idea innovative? How is it a sustainable, green technology? (150 words max)

Our idea involves the greatest green technology ever: To create/mature a green conscience to crowd-source all the aspects and work needed to safeguard World Heritage Sites/Destinations.

What would it require to launch or spread your idea? How much would it cost to make your idea a reality? (150 words max)

Our idea is already spreading, it is already a reality and it is working as we read/type: people have read what we've published. People call us and comment on our Website to congratulate on what we've done and we couldn't be happier.

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