Better Life Technologies lab

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Better Life Technologies lab

GreeceAthens, Greece
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$500,000 - $1 million
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How many blind mathematicians do you know? How many blind physicists do you know? Probably none or in best case only few. Why? There are no books for them.

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What if we could change the everyday life of 350mi. people
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350 mi. blind people facing several difficulties in their everyday life. Most of them are technological detached from the society of information and they are experiencing a severe luck of book titles. As a result of that, they don’t have the same life opportunities like all other people.

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The vision of our team is a future with equal opportunities for all. Equal opportunities in everyday life, equal opportunities in education, equal opportunities in technology. Equal opportunities for millions of blind people around the world. And how we can achieve that. By creating a single, small device that can transform every existing eBook into braille. That can store all their music, which can help them with small everyday things like the news, the weather or getting a taxi in front of their door. That can feel it as an extension of themselves.
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By offering to the blind people the same opportunities in education, by offering to them the same easy access to information like all the other people, we improve their everyday life s quality and therefore we make them feel equal to all other people.

Founding Story

All started with a little boat....


Prandalos Georgios, Naval Architect, book team of K.E.A.T.
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