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Athens, Greece
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$10,000 - $50,000
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Blood-e is an innovative information system about blood donation that automatically connects the donator to the hospital that he is needed. The innovation of this system is trisected in uniqueness, usability and practicality that characterize it.

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What if nobody nobody died due to luck of blood?
About Project

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In Greece in order to completely satisfy the blood needs approximately 700.000 units are required yearly. The national blood bank needs a lot of effort to be filled with from 600.000 to 670.000 blood units from domestic collection (45% of which from blood donor volunteers and from the remainder of the relative environment that offers occasionally) and introduces 30.000 blood units from Switzerland worth approximately 4 million euro.

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Blood-e is an online service, which instantly notifies the need of blood transfusion and platelets at hospitals and health centers.The service has the following forms: a) The website, in which the whole of the popoulation has access. b) The smartphone application, through which the standard function is served. c) Software as a Service (Saas) for the hospitals and health centers. The function of the standard serice is desribed as: The blood donors volunteers register for the service in the website or the application. For the registration to be completed one has to fill the mandatory fields: Username, email, blood group, sex, age and the wider area of residence.
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Imagine a small hospital in an island. A car accident occurs and the driver needs blood. The hospital does not have the amount needed nor the suitable blood type (small hospitals in Greece do not have blood banks). The hospital sends notifications to Blood-e's users and immediately somebody that is in the area can go and donate blood. Even more imagine a need of blood for a very rare blood type, effective immediately every blood donor of this type can be notified and can donate blood in order to save a human being.

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The vision of the enterprise is the use of technology in order to make the quality of the people lives better and to solve social problems. The goals of the social enterprise Blood-e are: a) The instant satisfaction of the current and emergency need of blood transfusion. b) Organize the current blood donation system. c) Ensure the security at the voluntary blood donation process. d) The promotion of voluntary blood donation and the awareness of the citizens.

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There is no other same or similar service in the market. Now, the only thing that is provided through the Internet is the ability to personally post and ask for blood transfusion in blogs or Facebook as well as insufficiently developed unions. In these cases the volunteer blood donor contacts the family in need of blood transfusion and their communication is not official or somehow checked. As a result, easily one may take advantage of such a need in order to make money out of it. Moreover, there is not particular site that such posts are safetly gathered.


Founders of Bloode are Natalia Kritsali and Natalia Mpougadellis. Kritsali has experience in marketing and business management and Mpougadellis is a graphic designer. Full time members are accountant Fotis Katsigiannis, web developer Alexandros Lattas and marketing assistant Victoria Mouzakis. All the members of the team are undergraduate students.
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